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Original High School

Built in 1910; Last Classes in 1926; Razed in 1939
Original BHS

The district's first facility exclusively for high school classes was completed in April, 1910 on Dewey Avenue between 10th and 11th streets. The growth of the school population led to it only being used for 16 years.

Architect C.W. Squires of Emporia, Kansas designed a brick building with four floors plus a basement and clock tower. Graduation exercises were held for 13 graduates in this building in 1910 although the students had actually attended Garfield their senior year. In 1912-13, ten teachers and the principal taught Physics, Latin, English, Mathematics, German, Commercial Studies, Music, Art, Expression, History, and Economics for grades 9-12; they are shown on this page.

By 1924 the building, designed for 250 students, housed 373 and the district started planning an expansion at Central Junior High School. The last graduating class of 1926 included W.W. Keeler, grandson of both Nelson Carr, the first white man in the area, and George Keeler, co-founder of the Keeler-Johnstone Store. The 1910 building was abandoned in 1926 and sat empty for many years. It was finally razed in 1939 to make way for the Ritz Apartments, a move reportedly welcomed at the time due to the structure's dilapidated condition.

The building at 203 Hensley Boulevard incorporates elements of the original high school in its façade, including the arch and columns of its entrance.

Randy Wilson shared in 2018 that his grandmother, Gladys Louise Gray (later Wilson) attended this school in the early 1920s and was in the singing quartet pictured below. The quartet sang songs like "Has Anybody Seen My Cat?, "They Always Pick on Me", and "The Baby Sister Blues."

Mr. Wilson shared that his grandmother used to quote the old Bartlesville High School cheer:

Ring around a rat tail, shinny up a tree!

Bartlesville High School! Ee! Ee! Eeee!

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BHS in 1910
Bartlesville High School in 1910

Color postcard
Early Painted Postcard

BHS faculty in 1912
Bartlesville High School faculty in 1912

BHS 1920s QuartetEarly 1920s Quartet: Vera Loraine Milnor, Frances Harrison, Gladys Louise Gray, & Agnes Quigley

The Ritz Apartments
The Ritz Apartments

203 Hensley Blvd
203 Hensley Blvd has elements from the original high school

Original High School Entry
Original high school elements at 203 Hensley Blvd