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Built in 1921; classes ended in 1930; sold in 1974
In 1921 the district contracted with P. Phillips to build a school building in the McCaleb addition, at the corner of Oak Avenue and Eleventh Street, for $7,000. It sat between Oak and Maple Avenues. The two-room building was to originally house the first three grades and primaries but eventually only had first and second-grade classes. Originally called McCaleb school, it was renamed Roosevelt later in the 1920s.

In May 1930 classes ended and the building was remodeled at a cost of $3,000 around the same time the Carnegie Building was acquired by the district. It became the Roosevelt Administration Building and was finally sold in 1974 to the Church of Christ, then headquartered at Sixth and Dewey, for $47,500.

Roosevelt School
Roosevelt School
(photo courtesy of BAHM)