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Built in 1957
2017 Facade

The Woodrow Wilson elementary school was built in northeast Bartlesville for $94,278 in 1957. By 1962 there were six portable classrooms at the site, and an all-purpose room was added in 1965 for $98,038. The school had to expand in 1984 to accommodate students transferred from Highland Park. Six classrooms were added to Wilson in a 1993 bond issue, and a 1998 bond issue provided for air conditioning in the gymnasium and repairs to the building's exterior fascia. A 2000 bond led to removal of fabric and vinyl wall covering from interior walls, which were then textured and repainted.

In 2009, the 1920-square foot courtyard was remodeled into an outdoor classroom featuring trees, bamboo, a garden area, cedar stumps to sit on and a spongy surface comprised of recycled tires. It was funded by $10,000 from the Goody’s Family Clothing Good Deeds for Schools program and $3,000 from a ConocoPhillips employee grant.

In May 2007, a bond issue was approved that included six new classrooms for the building. They were completed for the start of the 2011-2012 school year and were all Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten rooms. Two existing Wilson classrooms were remodeled as part of the project, forming two four-classroom pods clustered around an open commons area. A bright and colorful hallway leads to each cluster of classrooms, and the commons areas feature several fun and educational activities for the young students.

When Oak Park Elementary closed in 2011, its students began attending Wilson Elementary.

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Wilson before renovations
Original color scheme for Wilson classrooms

Woodrow Wilson School in 1997
Wilson School in 1997

Courtyard in 2009
Outdoor classroom courtyard in 2009

2011 Addition
Early childhood area in August 2011

East signage in 2017
East side in 2017