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Jane Phillips

Built in 1948; New Building in 1984

Jane Phillips in 2017

Named for Jane Gibson Phillips, who was the wife of Phillips Petroleum Company founder Frank Phillips, the original Jane Phillips elementary school was built at 15th & Rogers in 1948 for $201,827. That was same year Jane passed away.

A $68,968 addition was made in 1951 and another addition in 1954 cost $66,780.

While this location is the oldest operating elementary school site in the district, the building itself is the most recent elementary school to be built in Bartlesville.

The original building was built on the far end of what is now the playground; the original sidewalk to the entrance of the 1948 building is still in place at the far end of the playground.

Jane and Frank Phillips
Jane and Frank Phillips

In 1984 a new $2,400,000 replacement was constructed beside the old building, at Rogers & Lannom Place, and opened in November 1985. The 1948 school building and its additions were demolished afterward, but the original exterior wall relief of two schoolchildren is preserved outside the entrance, and the original wall signage lettering was located in a storage room at the school in 2017.

Windows were added to the cafeteria in the summer of 2013, along with a new sloped metal roof. In 2017, the interior finishes were updated.

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Original Jane Phillips Entry

Original Building

Original Jane Phillips

Jane Phillips School in 1997
Jane Phillips School in 1997 with a flat roof

Jane Phillips in 2017 with a sloped roof
Jane Phillips School in 2017 with sloped metal roof