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Built in 1909; Last Classes in 1985; Sold in 1994 and Razed

This elementary school was at 314 S. Choctaw. The land was acquired in 1907 and Jefferson was built in 1909 for $30,000 and three additions were made. The first was in 1924 for $29,367, the second in 1929 for $9,428, and the last was an all-purpose room added in 1948 for $55,198.

The school was closed in 1985 when the new Richard Kane elementary school opened. The building was sold in 1994 and razed for the construction of the Torrey Place apartments.

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Jefferson in 1931
Jefferson School in 1931

1st Addition
After the 1st addition of 1924

3rd Addition
After the 3rd addition of 1948