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Built in 1924; Last Classes in 1996; Closed in 2011; Sold in 2014
McKinley School in 1997

This elementary school was built in 1924 for $26,559 at 16th and Keeler. In 1929 $26,570 was spent to expand the building and $8,061 worth of land was added. The building was expanded in 1938 for $20,019, in 1952 for $30,552 and a fourth addition in 1956 cost $27,019.

The school was known for pet, hobby, and band parades. Student safety patrols assisted crossing guards and patrolled the halls during recess. A student newsletter was produced several times each year with reports from each grade, local business ads, movie critiques, and student drawings. The elementary school was closed in 1985 and its students moved to Richard Kane Elementary, which still has an annual pet parade.

The Alternative High School, Adult Basic Education, and Operation Eagle services moved to the building the next year. The Alternative High School was moved to the high school site at 17th and Hillcrest in 1996. The state Regional Education Services Center (which provided psychometrists and other services to districts in the area) moved to this facility during the 96-97 school year but closed in the summer of 2003.

Until it finally closed in summer 2011 to reduce costs, McKinley was still home to a wide variety of district services, most of which were relocated to the Will Rogers Complex. The building was sold in January 2014 to Vertical Church of Bartlesville, which began leasing the property in February and was to formally purchase the property by March.

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Before additions
Before additions

After additions
After additions

1939 McKinley Parade
1939 School Parade