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Built in 1959

Wayside East Facade in 2017

An elementary school at 3000 Wayside Drive was built in 1959 for $125,080. Like Ranch Heights, it began with four classrooms, an all-purpose room, lunchroom, kitchen, teacher's lounge and principal's office. In 1962 it grew just as Ranch Heights had the previous year: a $240,620 addition added six classrooms, an auditorium, music room, and altered kitchen and lunchroom. Five classrooms were added to Wayside in a 1993 bond issue, a 1998 bond issue provided for air conditioning in the gymnasium, and a 2000 bond replaced a major retaining wall behind the school and removed fabric and vinyl wall covering from interior walls, which were then textured and repainted.

In May 2007 a bond issue was approved that included seven new classrooms for the building and would improve parking and traffic flow for the site. In September 2007 the Bartlesville School Board approved a contract with Ambler Architects to provide architectural services to the District for the future addition. In December 2007 Boldt Construction, Inc. was contracted to provide construction management services for the project. During the summer of 2008, a new entrance canopy was installed as well as new heating and air systems, new ceiling tiles, made-over restrooms, and revitalized corridors. Classrooms were painted, cabinet work done, and the gymnasium received upgrades. Hallways had large signage for their grade level, and each room was equipped with an electronic white board.

In November 2009 the Board approved additional contracts with Ambler ($156,960) and Boldt ($170,722) for design and construction management of a new office area and new early childhood classrooms, forming two four-classroom pods clustered around an open commons area, which opened in August 2011.

The school has grown to serve over 1/4 of the district's elementary students. Wayside now serves more students across Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade than Central Middle School serves across grades 6-8 from the Wayside, Richard Kane, and Jane Phillips elementary schools.

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Wayside's original entrance
Wayside's original entrance
Wayside in 1997

Gym and signage in 2009
Gymnasium and signage in 2009

Wayside entrance in 2009
Wayside entrance in 2009

2011 Corridor Renovation
Comparison of corridors before and after 2008-09 renovation

2009 Tour
2009 tour with Principal Richard Dennis

Entrance after 2010-11 addition
2010-11 early childhood addition and offices