All in a day's fun for an administrator

posted Apr 29, 2017, 11:55 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Apr 29, 2017, 12:12 PM ]

As a prelude to the 2017 Teacher Appreciation Week from May 1-5, a recent post gave a shout-out to some of our outstanding support staff. This post recognizes the fun our administrators bring to students and staff amidst the daily challenges they are expected to address.

Penny for a Pie in the Eye

In February, the student council at Madison Middle School held their annual penny drive competition. This year they raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Oklahoma.

Madison's principal and assistant principal, Joey Eidson and Matt Hancock, and Supt. Chuck McCauley were asked if they would be willing to take a pie to the face if the student body raised $1,000. They agreed, and Madison's 7th Grade raised $177.41, its 6th Grade raised $385.35, and its 8th Grade raised $456.07 for a total of $1,018.83.

Since the students had delivered, so did the fearless leaders. On Friday, April 21, 2017 600 students and the staff gathered during the school's Bruin Time for some pie throwing.

Since the 8th graders raised the most money, three of those students were chosen for the attack. Chloe' Williams, encouraged by a friend, gently showered her towering, whipped-cream filled pie pan into Supt. McCauley's smiling face.

McCauley takes a hit

Next up, Ryan Pan examined the angles to best smoosh Redi-whip onto each strand of Mr. Hancock's facial hair.

Hancock gets pie

Jodryn Kahler, who donated all of her birthday money of over $160, got to pie Mr. Eidson. She walked away like a boss as filling dripped from his face, and he fought to catch his breath.

Eidson pie face

Sasha Yorman, who teaches 8th Grade English at Madison and helps sponsor the school's student council, commented, "The student body was thrilled watching the events unfold, and every adult in the room appreciated the sacrifice the three administrators made and sent thanks skyward that they hadn't been asked to volunteer!"

Special thanks to Madison teacher Julie Giovannetti for the fun photos.

Stories in the Park with the Superintendent

In early April, Supt. Chuck McCauley read to Pre-Kindergarten students from Woodrow Wilson Elementary School who gathered at Sooner Park for their Stories in the Park program. His baseball cap, representing his beloved Chicago Cubs team, was mimicking the farmer in the book he was reading, The Cow Loves Cookies. You can spot a longhorn peeking over his shoulder from behind the tree.

Stories in the park

So this coming week, as we all appreciate our dedicated teachers, we are also grateful for school leaders like these as well as the support staff who make school possible.