Axsom of Madison is November Teacher of the Month

posted Nov 15, 2016, 3:22 PM by District Webmaster   [ updated Nov 15, 2016, 3:23 PM ]
Morgan Axsom, special education teacher at Madison Middle School has been named the Bartlesville Public School Teacher of the Month for November 2016 by Arvest Bank and Oakley-Chevrolet Buick.

In recognition of this honor, Mrs. Axsom was presented a plaque and a $300 check by Stephen Colaw, Arvest Bank Senior Vice President and Trust Client Advisor, and David Oakley Jr., owner of Oakley Chevrolet-Buick.

Mrs. Axsom is a graduate of Northeastern State University and Oklahoma Wesleyan University. She holds Oklahoma teaching credentials in mild-moderate disabilities and is certified to teach middle school English, science and social studies. She has eleven years teaching experience and is approaching the mid-point in her sixth year as a special education teacher for Bartlesville.

When asked why she became a teacher, Mrs. Axsom said “volunteering to help others led me to choose a career in education. My desire to help struggling people take advantage of opportunities that would enrich their lives led me to become a special education teacher. Every day I get to help students over-come their cognitive and physical limitations and help them find accommodations that will let them live full productive lives. I believe it is my responsibility to help each and every student in my caseload find and enhance their unique potential as human beings.”

Mrs. Axsom is using technology to help her be a more effective communicator and a more organized classroom manager. Technology also helps her provide more individualized instruction for her students. She has developed a web-page for her special education students and their parents. The web-page is helping parents better understand the expectations for their students and helping them become more vested in helping their students succeed. Ms. Axsom said “though the web page my students are developing self-management skills by tracking their progress on-line, retrieving and completing assignments and checking for upcoming assignments and events.” Mrs. Axsom is excited about the GOOGLE and 1:1 Chromebook initiatives the district is undertaking. She said “I envision more equitable learning opportunities for my students. And it is exciting that I will be learning how to use these new tools right along with my students.”

Joey Eidson, Madison Middle School principal, said of Mrs. Axsom, “She does a wonderful job working with all groups of people. She manages a very active classroom and provides differentiated learning opportunities that fit the learning style of each student. Madison is fortunate to have Mrs. Axsom working with our most challenged students.” Matt Hancock, assistant principal at Madison described Mrs. Axsom in three big words – dependable, determined and patient.” Then he added “she is also a trusted mentor for her students and their families and for her fellow teachers.”

Mrs. Axsom’s professional interests extend beyond her classroom. She serves as the Madison special education department chair, is a member of the Madison leadership team and is a member of the district special education technology team. Mrs. Axsom is also an active member of the Washington County Early Childhood School Readiness Action Team.

Bartlesville Public Schools is proud to join Arvest Bank and Oakley Chevrolet-Buick in honoring Morgan Axsom as the Bartlesville Teacher of the Month for November.
Morgan Axsom, November 2016 Teacher of the Month
Morgan Axsom, special education teacher at Madison Middle School, (center) has been named the Bartlesville Teacher of the Month for November.  Stephen Colaw, Arvest Bank Senior Vice President and Trust Client Advisor (left) and David Oakley Jr., owner of Oakley Chevrolet-Buick (right) visited Mrs. Axsom’s classroom to recognize this honor and to present her with a plaque of recognition and a $300.00 check.