Bartlesville Choir Solo Festival Results

posted Mar 29, 2016, 4:08 PM by District Webmaster   [ updated Mar 29, 2016, 8:02 PM ]
Courtesy of Alex McCollum, Bartlesville Choir Booster Club Publicity Chair

Sixty 7th-12th grade students from the Bartlesville Public School District participated in the 6th Annual Bartlesville Choir Solo Festival held March 5, 2016 at the Bartlesville HIgh School Fine Arts Center. 

Students were required to sing an art song selection, which was sometimes in a foreign language. Marjorie Green, Senior High Vocal Music Director, indicated that judges used a rubric scale published by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association to give a rating of 1-5. Judges were listening for tone quality, accuracy of pitches and rhythm, technique/artistry, interpretation of the piece, diction, memory and the overall performance and how it conveyed to the listener.

Rankings include:
1 = Superior = superior-outstanding in nearly every detail
2 = Excellent or Above Average
3 = Good or Average
4 = Fair or Below Average

Students from Central Middle School receiving Superior ratings were Cody Bermudez, Joshua Chuan, Sabrina Chuan, Jessica Dunaway, Addie Fout, Bella Hand, Allison Hollis, Ariel Jimison, Brienne Lavers, Katherine Lawson, Treabein Liston, Kamron Parra, Chloe Roecker, & Jack Rolfson. Central students receiving Excellent ratings were Lexi Clark, Laura Halcom, Greg Medina, & Lily Moon. The Central Middle School Choir is led by Ariel Ortega. 

Students from Madison Middle School receiving Superior ratings were Gracie Brashear, Claire Chipinda, Isabella Hales, Sloan Hewitt, Madison Ingmire, Emma McEuin, Maggie Parrett, Carlie Pool, Alexa Price, Alice Rain, Jeremy Saucedo, & Jenna Stapleton. Receiving Excellent ratings were Katelynn Briggs & Cortney Clark. The Madison Middle School Choir is led by Alex Rivera.

Bartlesville High School students receiving Superior ratings were Melody Baxter, Gwen Belyea, Baylee Bluejacket, Melody Brown Clark, Paige Cleveland, Kaitlin Cole, Madison Finton, Chris Harris, Trevor Janda, Maggie Largess, Garrett Lee, Emily Leupp, Brooke Marshall, Holly Massey, Katie McCollum, Natalie Miller, Emily Nordhues, Hanna Phelps, Angel Simpson, Kate Snowden, Corbin Valenciano, Sydney Walker, & Olivia Wilt. Receiving Excellent ratings were Samantha Coats, Emily Gibson, Chloe Maye, Hannah Rencountre, & Heba Shanwar. The Bartlesville High School Choir is led by Margie Green, Micheal Stevens, and Tamara Walker. 

“As the director of large choirs, it is always fun to work with the students one-on-one to watch them grow as musicians and allow them to shine as a soloist” said Tamara Walker, vocal director.
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