Bartlesville Public Schools announces Classified Person of the Year

posted Apr 24, 2020, 1:05 PM by Laci Harris   [ updated Apr 24, 2020, 1:09 PM ]

Bartlesville Public Schools is recognizing outstanding support employees who were named as finalists for the site Classified Persons of the Year, and all support employees voted to select the district’s 30th annual Classified Person of the Year from the finalists. 

The Classified Person of the Year nominees and their years of service were:

  • Kerry Ickleberry - BPSD Safe & Healthy School Coordinator, 19 years

  • Harley Rutherford - Bartlesville High School PASS Director & Football Coach, 10 years

  • Christie Young - Executive Secretary of the Curriculum Department, 12 years

  • Sheri Thompson - Wayside Elementary Paraprofessional, 8 years

  • Randy Wagoner - Jane Phillips Elementary SOAR, 3 years

  • Deana Cornish - Wilson Elementary Special Education Assistant, 8.5 years

  • Tiffiny Munn - Madison Middle School Special Education Paraprofessional, 14 years

  • Scott Vermiere - Central Middle School Registrar, 3 years

  • Ken Landrum - Bus Driver, 7 years

  • Cindy Estes - Richard Kane Elementary Title I Assistant, 17 years

  • Celeste Townsend - Richard Kane Elementary Paraprofessional, 17

Kerry Ickleberry, the BPSD Safe & Healthy School Coordinator, was selected by her peers as the district's Classified Person of the Year. Her introduction stated, "Kerry is caring and passionate about the health and safety of students, employees, parents, and any other visitors at the sites. She continually works to improve the safety plans of our schools, researching what has worked at other schools in times of emergency. She is a conscientious and dedicated employee, going above and beyond every day to make sure our students, employees, and campuses are safe and secure. Kerry works very hard to make sure students receive outside counseling services when needed.”

The district sincerely appreciates the contributions its many support employees make to keeping the district running and taking care of our students and staff.

Kerry Ickleberry, 2020 Classified Person of the Year