Bartlesville’s 41st Annual All-School Chess Tournament Results

posted Feb 26, 2018, 10:35 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Feb 26, 2018, 11:05 AM ]
Bartlesville awakened on Saturday morning, February 10, 2018 to bone-chilling 18 degree weather. However, this did not stop most of the boy and girl chess players from proceeding to Madison Middle School to participate in the 41st annual All-Schools Chess Tournament, conducted by the Bartlesville Chess Club in cooperation with the Bartlesville Public Schools. 

This tournament, first held in 1977, is considered the oldest and longest-running student chess tournament in the Oklahoma public schools. It has been directed by Dennis Glascock, a chemical engineer for ConocoPhillips, since 1982. Dennis is certified as a senior director by the United States Chess Federation.

Chess tournaments are rather unique in using the Swiss system for pairing the players and scoring. Winners play other winners and losers play against losers in succeeding rounds of play. A win counts as 1 point, a draw earns ½ point, and a loss is scored as a 0.

A total of 55 students were registered for the tournament. The Woodrow Wilson and Jane Phillips elementary schools had the highest number of entries this year. Morris McCorvey, director of the Westside Community Center, encouraged many players from the Peaceful Warriors Chess Club to enroll and play. The Oologah Public Schools and St. John Catholic School deserve honorable mention for a respectful enrollment.
The winning players were as follows:

Beginners’ Division
1st: Arjun Deepak
2nd: Ashton Miller
Medallion Winners: Ian Turner, Nathan Cochran, Ben Morris, Bradley Gammon, Wesley Turner 

Upper Elementary Division 
(4th and 5th grades)
1st: Ishau Khurana
2nd: Dhea Pushpraj
Medallion Winners: Cale Goulden, David Marble, Jyoshika, Kaden Short
Directed by Moses Gonzales and Billy Bartley 

Middle School Division
1st: Henry Lutton
2nd: Drew White
Medallion Winner: Jarrett Moore
Directed by Larry Broukal

Chess players
Some of the winners