Bond Issue Construction Projects Update, 3/26/2017

posted Mar 26, 2017, 9:56 AM by District Webmaster   [ updated Mar 26, 2017, 9:56 AM ]
Progress continues on various construction projects funded by the 2016 Bond Issue.

Tennis Courts

The concrete is poured for the six new tennis courts at Bartlesville High School. The finished courts will be blue with a green background, and the facility is still on track for completion in April.

Below is a nice shot of the project from a camera drone, which also provides a view of the recently refinished Doornbos Track around Lyon Field at Custer Stadium. All photographs are courtesy of Keleher Architects.

Tennis Courts - Drone Shot

Installation of fencing and light poles is now underway. The new courts will feature walkways on the north and south sides providing access to a new seating area in the middle of the court complex. Wind screens on the north and south sides will feature the Bruins logo. 

Tennis Courts Fencing

This facility replaces five decrepit courts which were the worst in the conference, with unsafe surfaces, inadequate seating, and too few courts for tournaments.

Softball Complex

Footings, dirt work and concrete block installation have started on the new softball locker room at Madison Middle School.

Softball Locker Room

The old dugouts have been removed and new ones started.


The softball area at Madison Middle School serves all secondary grade levels. When the new locker room is complete, students will no longer have to travel across parking lots to use old locker rooms in the Madison building. That will free up space for more music practice and storage rooms. The approximately 1,000 square foot softball locker room and the dugouts are the only newly built spaces in the bond issue; all other projects renovate existing spaces.

Bids will be received on April 13, 2017 on the overall Madison Middle School renovation project, which includes improvements in its auditorium and nearby spaces for choir, band, and orchestra.

Bruin Activity Center

Internal walls and lighting have been installed to carve out dedicated spaces for an athletics weight room and for cheerleading inside the existing indoor practice facility. Ductwork and HVAC is now being installed, and painting is underway.

Bruin Activity Center

The relocation of the athletics weight room from the smaller of the two auxiliary gyms in the Phillips Field House will free up space to relocate the pom program and provide additional space in the Phillips Field House for band and orchestra use. 

The cheerleading program's relocation to dedicated space in the Bruin Activity Center will allow them to dispense with daily movement of a bunch of mats in the larger auxiliary gym, which is used for physical education classes. A cheerleading office and locker room will be on the east side of the Phillips Field House adjoining the larger auxiliary gym.

Bids will be received on the Phillips Field House renovation project on April 11, 2017.

Doenges Stadium

On the baseball front, at the Bill Doenges Memorial Stadium ceiling tile has been installed in the pressbox, HVAC units have been installed, and light installation is underway. The locker and weight rooms are now painted:

Doenges Weight and Locker Rooms

The transfer of the stadium to the district has made it possible to finally fix the leaky roof, a problem the city had been unable to address. The stadium floor joint seals have also been repaired:

Floor joint seals

Bid Packages

Bids will be received on several projects in April 2017:
  • Furniture Package (all sites), April 4
  • High School Phillips Field House Renovation, April 11
  • Madison Middle School Renovation, April 13
Drawings will be out to contractors on April 5 for them to develop bids on these additional projects:
  • Central Middle School Auditorium Renovation
  • Jane Phillips Elementary School Renovation
  • Hoover Elementary School Renovation
  • Hoover Elementary and Madison Middle School Access Roads
Drawings will be out to contractors on April 15 for them to develop bids on:
  • Custer Stadium Renovation
You can find more online about these various facility renovations, which were part of the 2016 Bond Issue. None of these needed improvements would be possible without the support of local voters.