Bond issue construction update

posted Dec 19, 2017, 1:02 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Dec 19, 2017, 1:39 PM ]

Keleher Architects presented an update at the school board’s December 2017 meeting about various construction projects at each secondary school. These projects were all funded by the August 2016 bond issue.

Central Auditorium
Central Middle School

The main level of the auditorium has new seats. The historic seating in the balcony was retained, but a safety railing has been installed, with thick glass panels to avoid obstructing sight lines.

Custer Stadium

Locker room at Custer Stadium

Renovations continue in the bottom level of the stadium to finally provide locker rooms for track, cross country, tennis, and girls soccer while updating the visitor dressing room and boys football/soccer locker room. Flooring is being installed, including epoxy flooring in the new showers. Light fixture installations are almost complete, and painting is underway.

Madison auditorium
Madison Middle School

Like the auditorium at Central, the one at Madison also has new seating.

The new locker room and dugouts at the softball field are complete. Both gymnasiums have received some updates, with floors to be refinished over Winter Break.Renovations are wrapping up in a former locker room area to provide more space for the music programs. Part of it was used for a new choir room, with the former choir room renovated to finally provide a dedicated room for the orchestra program. The existing band room was also renovated. The remainder of the old locker room area has been reconfigured to provide music storage and practice rooms and renovated locker areas for physical education.

Keleher reported that flooring is complete in most areas and there would be a punch-list walk-through once remaining doors and acoustical panels arrive and are installed.

Damaged drive
Madison & Hoover Drives

The Board of Education approved a change order to address issues with the asphalt drives at Hoover Elementary and adjacent Madison Middle School. The application of a second layer of asphalt was halted earlier this year when it became apparent that the first layer had deformed significantly despite the area having been prepared and passing previous soil compaction tests.

Civil engineers were consulted and determined that subsurface water was flowing across the area atop buried layers of rock. They recommended that French drains be installed around the high side of the new drive at Madison as well as just north of Hoover Elementary to catch and divert the subsurface water, redirecting it to storm drains.

The existing damaged asphalt will be removed, the French drains constructed and tied in, and then new asphalt will be installed. Despite this setback, the total cost of the construction projects from the bond issue remains within the originally budgeted amount.