Bond Issue set for 8/23

posted Jun 21, 2016, 6:05 AM by District Webmaster   [ updated Jun 21, 2016, 9:34 AM ]

The Bartlesville Board of Education has set an election on August 23, 2016 for a bond issue that would provide $19.4 million over a five year period.

A detailed slideshow on the bond issue proposal, which is regularly updated with the latest information, is online at

Saving Jobs & Preserving Class Sizes

The primary focus of the bond issue is to compensate for huge cuts in state funding since 2009. The district has suffered multiple state revenue shortfalls this year, and is already cutting 5% of its teachers along with administrators and support staff.

The bond would allow the district to shift more operational costs from its general fund to bond issue funds to hopefully prevent additional staffing cuts and increases in class sizes in 2017. The bond expands on operational funding already being provided via a 2012 bond issue and extends that expanded support for two additional years. It is projected that 15 or more teaching positions could be preserved from future cuts by shifting operational costs to bond funds.

Improving Instructional Technology, Equipment, and Facilities

In addition to this relief, the bond would also provide students with more instructional technology, classroom equipment, and replace decrepit furnishings while maintaining buildings that are up to 99 years old.

Targeted High-Priority Renovations

The bond also would make improvements in existing facilities previously identified as top priorities by community members on the district's Long Range Facilities Planning Committee, but which bond capacity limits prevented us from addressing in the 2013 reconfiguration bond issue.


  • Friday, July 29: Last day to register to vote in the 8/23 election
  • Thursday, August 18 - Saturday, August 20: Early voting
  • Tuesday, August 23: Election Day at all district polling places
NOTE: The ballot will have two questions: one for $17.45 million and a separate one to provide $1.95 million for buses and other vehicles, since state law requires that transportation bonds be voted on separately.

August 23, 2016 Bond Issue

Small Change = Big Difference!

A property tax increase of only a dime a day for each $100,000 of property valuation would help Bartlesville Public Schools save jobs and preserve class sizes in future years as the district endures continued severe cuts in state funding. The bond would address high-priority needs in classroom instruction and existing facilities. Learn more at