BPSD Summer Camps Still Available

posted May 9, 2016, 7:32 PM by District Webmaster   [ updated May 10, 2016, 5:00 AM ]

BHS Summer Institute

REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN for the BHS Summer Institute, which will feature two sessions, one taking place June 6 – 10, and the other July 11 – 29.

Incoming 9th graders can select from:
  • a three-week course to help incoming freshmen transition from the 8th to 9th grades that will stress High School Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Acting Camp
  • Art
  • Prep for Accelerated English – Path to AP
Incoming 10th graders can take:
  • Prep for Accelerated English – Path to AP
  • ACT Test Prep Course
Incoming 11th, and 12 graders can take:
  • ACT Test Prep Course
Some courses have a maximum enrollment, but registration has been extended until the programs begin.

“There is a $10 registration fee for all the courses with the exception of the STEM course, but the courses are free of charge thanks to the financial support of the Bartlesville Education Promise,” said Chuck McCauley, BPSD executive director of secondary education. “Breakfast and lunch will also be served daily at Bartlesville High School from June 1 – July 29.”
2016 Summer Institute


REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN for the Tri County Tech Center's STEM Camps. The camps run from June 6-10 for incoming students in grades 8, 9, and 10 and also from June 13-17 for incoming students in grades 5, 6, and 7.

The STEM Camps will include career specific instruction and activities, field trips, instructor-led fitness, team-building, entrepreneurship lessons, and presentation skills.

Students select from programs in:
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Computer Technology
Students dig into the engineering field, applying math, science, and engineering standards to hands-on projects. They work both individually and in teams to design solutions to a variety of problems. The hands-on activities and simulations, may include designing and building mouse trap ping pong ball launchers, rockets/Hover craft, CO2 dragsters, robots and a competing in a junkyard challenge. 

Students will explore several high-demand health-related professions, including nursing, medical laboratory science, forensics, radiology, and dental. During this interactive camp, students will learn about each health profession through hands-on activities and simulation experiences. They will engage with professionals from the various health care fields and learn how to pursue a health-related career.

Students will make their first video game in this one-of-a-kind program, as they discover the keys to designing video games. Conceptualizing, play experience, challenging levels, character development, graphics and elements, music and sound, software, and coding are just some of what they will explore.

Full and partial scholarships are available to eligible students, thanks to the financial support of the Barry W. Lowe and Karen Sue Lowe Foundation.

Students can be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m. and picked up as late as 5:30 p.m. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided.

Each morning, students will start their day with a fitness activity in Tri County Tech's state-of-the-art fitness center.

Summer Transition Camps for Madison and Central Students

Central and Madison Middle School will both be offering transition camps during the summer of 2016. The week-long camps are designed for students transitioning from primary school to middle school. Students new to the district are also invited to attend the camps.

There will be three sessions of the transition camps offered throughout the month of July. The first camp will run July 11-15, 2016. A second camp will run July 18-22, 2016; and a final camp will be held July 25-29, 2016.

Through collaborative activities and games, students will become familiar with their new school, the procedures, and classmates. Participants will have the opportunity to explore unique and exciting adventures in reading, math, computers, and leadership.

“This camp provides a huge benefit for incoming sixth graders, allowing them to experience our middle schools before the actual school year starts,” says Ryan Huff, Central Middle School principal. “This camp will have some of our teachers involved and that will allow the students to start developing relationships with the teachers earlier than in the past.”

The camps will mix academic and social skills instruction. Some of the activities and curriculum from the week will include: core subject integration into everyday activities such as cooking, art, and nature; health, hygiene, and fitness; time management; understanding the cafeteria and menu; navigating the building; understanding the schedule; and much more.

Transportation for the camps will be provided. Bus pick up will be at centralized locations. Those locations will be determined by May 31 and will be posted on the school websites.

Breakfast and lunch will be served daily throughout the camp. Through the generosity of Bartlesville Education Promise, there is only a $10 fee to attend the camps. The fee includes the camp activities/curriculum, breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt.