Central PSG's Traci Estes honored

posted Jan 25, 2018, 10:14 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Jan 25, 2018, 5:22 PM ]

On January 12, Rep. Earl Sears, who was the Principal of Central Middle School for many years, returned to the school to make a presentation at a morning assembly. Rep. Sears was there to present his Making a Difference award to Traci Estes, who has served on the school's Parent Support Group (PSG) for seven years.

Ms. Estes led a committee that put together annual Christmas Bags for underprivileged students. In addition to funds from the PSG, she did her own fundraising and purchased sale items throughout each year. She led the group in packing, organizing, and delivering the gifts for the students.

Keri Gardner, who succeeded Earl Sears as Central Middle School's Principal, said, "For a year that she didn't even have a student at Central, Traci continued to create the gifts that were generally worth about $250 each. This year she was able to put together 51 bags on her budget. We have been able to bless about 350 students over the course of her tenure."

Ms. Estes' youngest child will be graduating from Central this year, so she will officially move on. Ms. Gardner added, "Her service to our students and school has been extraordinary and we wanted to publicly thank her for making such an impactful difference."

Earl Sears created the Making A Difference Award to recognize outstanding efforts and dedicated service. This award states Traci Estes and the entire Central Parent Support Group demonstrate leadership, dedication, and significant personal achievements for the benefit of our community. 

Rep. Sears also recognized Jessica Butler, President of Central's PSG. The group is instrumental in providing funds for the school's clubs, classroom supplies and books, spirit wear for students and staff, organizing staff luncheons, stocking and running the Cub Café, stocking the student Clothes Closet, assisting with fundraisers such as collecting Box Tops and the Central Classic 5K race, plus planning the Bruin Bash, holiday parties, Central Madness, and other social events. 

The district appreciates all these dedicated parents do for their children's school!

Traci Estes with Earl Sears

Videos courtesy of Michael Wray