Changes in BPSD Communications

posted Mar 31, 2016, 4:24 PM by District Webmaster   [ updated Apr 1, 2016, 4:39 AM ]

Changes are underway in the communications strategy for the Bartlesville Public School District. 

Reasons for these changes

The district's Community Relations Coordinator, Jamye Ryan, has taken another position closer to her home. The district appreciates her past work in coordinating communications among staff members, students, patrons, and the public; she will be missed.

Oklahoma declared two state revenue failures in January and March 2016 which have already resulted in sharp reductions in state aid to public schools. As part of the district's strategy for minimizing the impact of these failures on instruction, the Community Relations Coordinator position will not be filled. Consequently, a number of those job roles will be reassigned and some will be delayed or discontinued. 

District communications will now rely heavily on online venues managed by district webmaster Granger Meador, whose primary job roles are teaching physics at Bartlesville High School and chairing the district's secondary school Science and STEM departments.

BPSD Communications Changes in April 2016

The Bruin newsletter discontinued

The district's weekly newsletter, The Bruin, is being discontinued. Back issues of the newsletter from February 2007 through March 2016 are available online.

District newsfeed; new email subscription service available

District-level news will now only be posted on the district's online BPSD Newsfeed. Those news items will be cross-posted to the district's social media accounts at Facebook and Twitter

The district had been sending out a weekly email, linking to the latest edition of The Bruin, to district staff and other parties via its SchoolMessenger service. The district will still use that service for periodic email broadcasts of stories from the district newsfeed, but those updates may not come out on a weekly basis.

Instead, interested parties are encouraged to sign up for a new email subscription service to receive a daily email with any posts from the district newsfeed. Click here to subscribe to a daily news update.

The Bruin ends; BPSD Newsfeed takes over

School site websites updated with individual newsfeeds

Sample new website
Starting in April and continuing through the end of the school year, the websites devoted to each of the district's nine schools and one administrative website are being updated. Click on the graphic at right to see the new website for Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.

The new websites are hosted on Google Sites through the district's Google Apps for Education service, instead of the My Big Campus service, which is being discontinued.

Each of the new school websites has its own online newsfeed for site-specific stories. Recent posts from the newsfeed will appear on each site's homepage and also be accessible via a News link on each site. The newsfeeds on the individual sites are run by the individual webmasters.

Submitting stories for the district or site-level websites

The district's webmasters will be doing what they can to take up the slack from the budget reduction, but each of them already has other primary jobs outside of their webmaster work, and most are unpaid volunteers.

So please be patient and submit completed articles that have been proofread, preferably with matching photos to increase reader interest. Please do NOT submit any copyrighted material or images.

News items that are of district-wide interest should be sent to But items specific to a particular school site should be sent to that site's webmaster instead; see this listing.

The site webmasters and district webmaster decide what will be accepted for posting on their respective websites, under the supervision of their site principal or district administrator, and will edit submissions freely for length, content, appearance, etc.

FERPA NOTICE: Student information and photos cannot be published without consent. Parents fill out a media consent release at enrollment. The webmasters do not have the time nor resources to check submissions for FERPA compliance, so the authors who submit the articles are responsible for ensuring that proper consent has been given. 

Site administrators, counselors, and some secretaries have access to PowerSchool Admin and can look up a student's consent status by selecting a student in that service, opening Custom screens from the Information area of the left sidebar, and then selecting 06 Internet/Media consent. If a parent notifies the webmaster that a post contradicts the consent status for a student, the post will be edited or deleted to achieve compliance.

Submitting flyers for consideration

Those wishing to submit a physical flyer for potential distribution to students should direct those inquiries to Christie Young at the Education Service Center; her email address is Flyers must be pertinent to students and their parents, cannot proselytize, cannot be for-profit, and cannot include any prices. The district reserves the right to reject any flyer without explanation, and physical distribution to secondary school students is very limited.

District media contacts

The district and site webmasters are not official spokespeople for the district. Members of the media requesting information from the district should direct those inquiries to the district superintendent. Dr. Gary Quinn is the Superintendent of Schools through June 2016; his email address is The current Executive Director of Secondary Instruction, Mr. Chuck McCauley, will become Superintendent of Schools in July 2016; his email address is The phone number for the district Education Service Center is (918) 336-8600.

Bartlesville Public Schools media contacts

We are doing our best despite state funding cuts

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we reconfigure district communications. If you find yourself frustrated by these changes, please consider their root cause: inadequate state funding. We encourage you to politely express your own personal opinions regarding school funding to your respective state lawmakers who represent you.