Board Approves Transfer of Bill Doenges Memorial Stadium to School District

posted Jun 10, 2016, 6:55 AM by District Webmaster   [ updated Jun 17, 2016, 6:19 AM ]
In June 2016 the Bartlesville Board of Education approved the transfer of Bill Doenges Memorial Stadium from the City of Bartlesville to the district.

The school district took over maintenance of the stadium over a year ago, so the transfer will NOT increase operating costs for the district. The success of having the district maintain the field led to the agreement to transfer the title as well, and will allow the district to benefit from field revenues. A proposed August 2016 school bond issue includes minor repairs to the stadium.

The city has not had its own baseball team for many years, but Doenges Memorial Stadium has long been the home of the Bartlesville Bruins baseball team. It is also still used by the local American Legion Baseball Program and other area teams. The Stadium twice hosted the American Legion World Series, in 2003 and 2007, and for several years has hosted the Sandy Koufax World Series of the American Amateur Baseball Congress. The district will still support use of the stadium by other teams.

On May 2, 1932, Municipal Stadium was dedicated. Contractor James H. Hamilton built the stadium and concrete fence. The grandstand seated approximately 2,000 people and cost tens of thousands of dollars. The stadium was known as the only professional ballpark in the world with the same distance (340 feet) to the fence anywhere in fair territory, although today the home plate has moved so the field is no longer fully symmetrical.

In 1997 the Bartlesville Municipal Athletic Field was renamed Bill Doenges Memorial Stadium in appreciation of nearly 60 years of support provided by Bill Doenges to the American Legion baseball program. Part of the agreement between the city and the school district is that the city would have to be consulted before the stadium's name could be changed or any significant changes made to its façade.

In 1997 a renovation committee spearheaded the use of public and private funding to install a television-quality lighting system, re-sod the playing surface and install an underground sprinkler system, add wide-back aluminum benches to seat 1,000, replace old bench-style seating with 510 chair-back seats, and paint the exterior. The stadium now comfortably seats 2,500.
Bruins at Doenges

Doenges Stadium

Stadium Crowd