Community resources for parents if school is suspended in April

posted Mar 24, 2018, 8:27 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Mar 28, 2018, 9:11 AM ]
Parent Preparedness Plan
The Bartlesville Communitywide Steering Committee has released the following guidance for parents on community resources should schools be suspended in April 2018.



If, by Sunday, April 1, the Oklahoma Legislature does not pass a satisfactory solution for funding teacher salaries and other public education needs,

all Bartlesville district schools will be closed beginning April 2

for an indefinite number of days.


Closing/resumption notices will go out by School Messenger, the district website, the district Facebook page, etc.

PLAN NOW for how you will care for your child

during this possible school suspension.

Stay home with your child

  • Seriously consider this choice if your job allows for vacation days, work hour adjustments, sick days, etc.

  • Consider forming a child care co-op with other parents in your neighborhood.

Arrange for supervision

  • If your child is currently a member of a youth organization, club or church, contact that organization to see if services will be provided.

  • For children who are not members of a church, club, or youth group that will offer services during the suspension period, see the Community Resources list page.

Children staying home alone

  • This decision is for you to make, based on your child’s age and maturity. See below for Considerations When Leaving a Child Alone.

Considerations When Leaving a Child Alone

from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services

  1. Does the child have the maturity to be left alone - regardless of the child's age? 
  2. How long will the child be alone? 
  3. Will the child be alone during the day or at night? 
  4. Is the surrounding neighborhood safe? 
  5. Is there immediate access to an adult? 
  6. Does the child know what to do in emergencies? 
  7. Is the child caring for other children? 
  8. Does the child know proper use of appliances? 
  9. Are other children visiting in the home?
  10. Does the child know the parents' whereabouts at all times? 
  11. Is the child comfortable being left alone?
  12. For additional advice, contact the Bartlesville DHS office at 918-338-5734.


The school district is planning to provide free breakfast and lunch at selected locations during the first week of the suspension period. Adjustments will be made if suspension extends longer and parents will be notified.


  • Jane Phillips, Kane, Wilson, Hoover Elementary Schools (hot breakfast & lunch)

  • Central and Madison Middle Schools (breakfast & lunch – cold menu)

  • Bartlesville High School (breakfast & lunch – cold menu)

Serving Times: Breakfast 8 to 9:30 am & Lunch 11 am to 1 pm

Children can eat at any selected school site, regardless of the school they attend. Children will not be able to remain in school building after eating unless they are participants in the YMCA Program Elementary School Age Care (see below). For the most up-to-date information on this program, go to and pick Child Nutrition.

The resources listed below are shown as a community service; Bartlesville Public Schools is not sponsoring them, and student participation is voluntary and subject to parental approval.

Community Resources

YMCA Elementary School Age Care Program

For grades: Pre-K thru 5th graders

Locations: Ranch Heights, Hoover, Kane, Wayside & Wilson Elementary

Hours: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Eligibility: Open to all current program participants and a limited number of non-program members.

Cost: $11 per full day (who have partially paid for care already) and $20 for non-program members. Check with the Y to see if financial aid might be available. Payment due at the time of enrollment.

Enrollment/Registration: Enrollment for current program members starts on Monday, March 26, with enrollment of non-members beginning Thursday, March 29. Before the enrollment period, parents of non-program members can have their child’s name placed on a waiting list by calling the Y.

Contact/Questions: YMCA’s front desk at 101 N Osage Ave or call 918-336-0713.

Latest Information: Richard Kane YMCA on Facebook

Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville

For ages: 6 to 18 years old

Location: 401 S Seminole Ave

Hours: 7:35 am to 5:30 pm

Eligibility/Cost: Open and free to all current B&G Club members. Because a large number of members are expected to need services, no new membership can be accepted.

Enrollment/Registration: Not necessary for current club members

Contact/Questions: 918-336-3636 or at the club front desk, 401 S. Seminole Ave.

Latest Information: Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville on Facebook and website

The Rock

For grades: 3rd graders and up through high schoolers

Location: 122 South Park Ave.

Hours: 1 pm to 6 pm

Eligibility/Cost: Open and free to all Rock members and guest members of appropriate age.

Enrollment/Registration: Permission agreement signed by parent/guardian required for all.

Contact/Questions: 918-336-2636 or at the club front desk

Latest Information: On the Rock Ministries on Facebook and website

Other Resources

Other organizations and churches are planning day care services for children beyond those of their own members. If you need assistance call the School Suspension Resource Line below.

RESOURCE LINE: 918-336-1044 

at the Bartlesville Regional United Way

Granger Meador,
Mar 28, 2018, 9:02 AM