ConocoPhillips recognized for its support of district STEM programs

posted May 23, 2018, 2:57 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated May 23, 2018, 3:13 PM ]
ConocoPhillip Recognition
Celebrating the support of ConocoPhillips for the district's STEM programs were Chuck McCauley, Superintendent; Scott Bilger, board President; Karen Leinen, Bartlesville Community Relations, ConocoPhillips; Kevin Sitton, board member; Melissa Furnas, Talent Planning & Acquisition, ConocoPhillips; Tyler Vaclaw, board member; Mark Headley, Manager, Real Estate & Facilities Services, ConocoPhillips; David Austin, Communications, ConocoPhillips; Alison Clark, board member; Randy Herren, board member; Nikki Benson, board clerk; Rick Boswell, board Vice-President.

Mark Headley and other representatives of ConocoPhillips were recognized by the Bartlesville Board of Education at its meeting on May 21, 2018. ConocoPhillips has long supported various district initiatives, with marked support for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs in recent years.

The corporation sponsored very successful Middle School Math & Science nights for the district in November 2016 and November 2017, with plans for another great event this fall.

For 2017-18, the corporation provided $30,000 to support the district's piloting of Project Lead the Way Launch STEM modules in all of the district's kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. This support helped provide iPads and carts for each school for that program, which provided hands-on STEM experiences in computer science this school year. These funds were separate from over $80,000 raised by a matching grant from the Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation for the pilot year of Launch.

ConocoPhillips & PLTW Launch
For 2017-18, ConocoPhillips helped fund a cart of 30 iPads for each elementary school's new Launch STEM modules
Launch iPad Cart

The corporation increased its support for 2018-19, contributing a total of $100,000 for a variety of district programs over and above its support for the Middle School Math & Science Nights. 

This will not only continue to corporation's long support of various ongoing enrichment programs but will also fund cases for 1,500 Chromebooks that will be distributed to seniors, juniors, and freshmen at Bartlesville High School for use at school and at home. (Returning sophomores will already have the devices they were issued as freshmen in August 2017.) The Chromebooks are a key part of the district's Student Computing Initiative. In recognition of this support beyond the available funding from a 2016 bond issue to purchase the Chromebooks, all 1,500 new protective cases will feature a stitched ConocoPhillips logo alongside the Bruins logo.

ConocoPhillips Cases
The 1,500 take-home Chromebooks issued to students at Bartlesville High School in 2018-19 will be in attractive always-on protective cases funded by ConocoPhillips

The 2018-19 donation will also support the second year of the PLTW Launch program in the elementary schools, offering additional biomedical and engineering modules across the elementary schools. These funds will build upon a $100,000 community fundraising effort spearheaded by the Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation.

The district is grateful to ConocoPhillips for its strong and unwavering commitment to expanding and supporting STEM education in the district and other enrichment opportunities.

ConocoPhillips logo