Following protocols is important amidst increased county infections

posted Oct 17, 2020, 6:43 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Oct 19, 2020, 1:17 PM ]
In-person classes continue, but their future depends on following protocols
Bartlesville Public Schools is currently providing in-person classes to the 80% of its students who are not enrolled in its virtual programs. But as county COVID-19 infection rates climb, the probability of Distance Learning for an entire school or the district increases. 

Over Fall Break the county officially entered Orange Level 2 status with an average of over 25 confirmed COVID-19 infections per day. So the district's Pandemic Response Committee will be carefully monitoring local measures to determine if and when Distance Learning might be required.  

Prioritized factors in school-wide or district-wide Distance Learning

  1. Ability to staff in-person classrooms with substitute teachers or site staff
  2. Number and frequency of site-level positive cases and close contact quarantines
  3. Overall site absenteeism
  4. County status in the various COVID-19 alert systems
Should Distance Learning be mandated for any district school, there will be a SchoolMessenger voice phone, text, and email sent to parents at that school as well as a districtwide text and email. SchoolMessenger uses contact information for parents in the district's PowerSchool system. Parents should contact their child's school if they need to update their contact information.
The best ways to avoid a shift to Distance Learning are for students and staff to carefully observe the district's layered mitigation practices and to avoid risky behaviors outside of school. Increased county infections are  linked to "COVID-19 fatigue" where people drop their guard and fail to take proper precautions.
Face masks

Avoid risky behaviors and environments, particularly crowded indoor spaces where everyone is not wearing a mask. The safest environments are outdoor spaces where people wear masks and remain six feet apart.

Reducing risks

The risk of COVID-19 infections is increasing as colder weather drives people indoors and if they participate in typical holiday events such as vacations and gatherings with family and friends. Indoor extracurricular activities, such as spectator sports and indoor concerts, are also higher risk.