Linda Keith named 2017 Classified Person of the Year

posted Apr 28, 2017, 12:06 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Apr 29, 2017, 9:29 AM ]
The 27th annual Classified Person of the Year reception was held in late March to recognize outstanding support employees. A reception at the Bartlesville Community Center was funded by sales of World's Finest Chocolates. The employees also sign up for prize drawings at the reception, and this year there were about 70 or so prizes. Employees also receive their service pins at the event.

Employees are nominated in their job category for Classifed Person of the Year by any school employee. Then all support employees vote to select the finalists. These finalists were recognized and are shown the photo below, from left to right:
  • Jan Watt - Accompanist - Madison Middle School & Bartlesville High School
  • Dan Carr - Custodian - Wayside Elementary School
  • Carol Seals - Attendance Secretary - Central Middle School
  • Beverly Parker - Cafeteria Manager - Hoover Elementary School
  • Sheryl Bailey - Before & After School Care - Richard Kane Elementary School
  • Linda Keith - Bus Monitor - Transportation
Classified Person of the Year 2017

Linda Keith was named the Classified Person of the Year. She received the $1,200 Grace Laverne Lowe Award. The award was funded by the late board member Barry Lowe to honor his mother, who entered the work force as a maid at age 16 and worked for 65 years. She and her husband Wilbur helped influence two of her children and five of their grandchildren to attend and graduate from college.

Linda Jo Jones, who has chaired the reception for 17 years, noted that when the award was initiated, it included this statement: "The Grace Lowe award is to honor those who do the work that few would do. They do it because it must be done and be done right for our children - our students. They clean the floors, and yes, the restrooms too. They cook the meals and help the teachers wherever they are needed. These employees drive the buses which bring the students to school. These employees are the unsung heroes of education."

Horse Patoot Award
These employees know how to have fun. This was the 20th year that the "Horse Patoot" award was given as the final award of the evening. This year's lucky winner was school carpenter Don Krause. Don is the husband of Tammie Krause, the Principal of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.

The district sincerely appreciates the contributions its many support employees make to keeping the district running and taking care of our students and staff.