Lisa Johnson named 2019 Classified Person of the Year

posted Mar 29, 2019, 7:40 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Mar 29, 2019, 10:13 AM ]
2019 Classified People of the Year
Lisa Johnson, center, was selected as the district Classified Person of the Year for 2019. Standing are other Classified Person of the Year nominees from the various sites: Lori Newton (Wayside), LaDonna Viles (ESC), Teresa Patterson (Woodrow Wilson), Pollie Decker (Transportation), Debbie Moody (BHS), Susan Vincent (BHS), Lori Vest (Central), Trish Packard (Hoover), Melba Henson (Richard Kane), Melissa Beyen (Jane Phillips), and Byron Gonzalez (Ranch Heights).

The 29th annual Classified Person of the Year reception was held on March 28, 2019, to recognized outstanding support employees. A reception in the Bartlesville High School Commons featured prize drawings, refreshments, service pins, and the announcement of the 2019 Classified Person of the Year as well as this year's Horse Patoot award recipient.

All support employees could vote to select a district honoree from this year's finalists from the various sites. Each site person of the year was introduced before the announcement of the district honoree.

Classified Person of the Year Nominees
  • Melissa Beyen, Jane Phillips, Attendance Secretary
  • Pollie Decker, Transportation, Bus Driver
  • Byron Gonzalez, Ranch Heights, Custodian
  • Melba Henson, Richard Kane, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
  • Lisa Johnson, Madison, Registrar
  • Debbie Moody, BHS, Cafeteria Manager
  • Lori Newton, Wayside, Attendance Secretary
  • Trish Packard, Hoover, Financial Secretary
  • Teresa Patterson, Woodrow Wilson, Computer Lab Manager
  • Lori Vest, Central, Paraprofessional
  • LaDonna Viles, ESC, Classified Staff Payroll Coordinator
  • Susan Vincent, BHS, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant
Lisa Johnson, the registrar at Madison Middle School, was selected by her peers as the district's Classified Person of the Year. She has worked in the district for 20 years, and her introduction stated, "Lisa has always given herself to the betterment of the team, which in this circumstance, is the kids of Bartlesville. She has gone beyond the expectations of her job as registrar in order to make new kids feel welcomed and comfortable at Madison. She is always the first impression to every new student and their families when being enrolled. Lisa multitasks to keep the flow of the school running smoothly and at an excelled pace. She loves her job, but she loves her school even more. Lisa works so hard to make sure that the teachers, administrators, and students have the best conditions to have success. Lisa is the face of Madison!”

As part of the honor, Ms. Johnson received the monetary Grace LaVerne Lowe Memorial Award. It honors the memory of the mother of former Bartlesville Board of Education President Barry W. Lowe.

Jerri McCollum, who is retiring as an Administrative Assistant at Central Middle School, was also recognized for her leadership in the Bartlesville Education Classified Personnel Organization. 

Part of the annual fun at this event for the past 22 years has been the "Horse Patoot" award, which Dan Carr happily transferred to bus driver Ron Turner.

The district sincerely appreciates the contributions its many support employees make to keeping the district running and taking care of our students and staff.
Classified Person of the Year Award
The plaque awarded to Lisa Johnson, along with the Grace LaVerne Lowe Memorial Award
Jerri McCollum
Jerri McCollum, who is retiring from Central, was recognized for her leadership in the Bartlesville Education Classified Personnel Organization.

Dan Carr & Ron Turner

Dan Carr happily transferred the Horse Patoot award to Ron Turner.
Horse Patoot Award