Madison receives OETT Grant for video equipment and training

posted Jun 6, 2019, 10:31 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Jun 6, 2019, 10:32 AM ]

Madison Middle School in Bartlesville will receive $40,000 from the Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust (OETT) to purchase new technology equipment. Additionally, the school will receive professional development training valued at over $25,000. "We are so excited to receive the OETT grant! We know that money will enable us to put our vision of audiovisual editing into action next year," said Joey Eidson, Principal. Madison’s grant application stated, “Technology redefines, augments, and improves the experience of all school stakeholders. With the use of technology, classrooms are learner-focused, and teachers act as a coach and facilitator of instruction.” With that vision in mind, Madison decided the next step in providing authentic learning opportunities is to have students participate in their own learning process and create something that shows their mastery of a skill in relation to the Oklahoma Academic Standards. This will allow students to employ the International Society for Technology in Education standards of 1-Empowered Learner, 3-Knowledge Constructor, and 4-Innovative Designer. "I am so thrilled for our students and teachers at Madison. I am thankful for the opportunity to extend the classroom and help foster deeper learning across all curriculum," said Morgan Axsom, Assistant Principal. The grant will allow the school to purchase six cameras with video capabilities to equip each teaching team for use in conjunction with their curriculum. A portable communications lab will include 15 cameras with video capabilities for teachers to utilize in their classrooms to engage in authentic learning through the creation and editing of videos. Additional equipment will be for a communications classroom to provide “hands-on” authentic learning using video technology. The OETT stated, “When the Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust began in 2001, computer labs ‒ with their rows of desktop CPU towers and bulky CRT displays ‒ were all the rage in education. But just like the technologies our grants provide, OETT has evolved into a force for promoting inventive and authentic learning. By the end of their grant year, OETT schools will have succeeded in meshing classroom instruction with real-world educational scenarios while utilizing state-of-the-art technology.”