New District Website

posted Jun 29, 2015, 8:32 PM by District Webmaster   [ updated Jul 24, 2015, 2:01 PM ]

New Website

New District Website

This is a new website for the Bartlesville Public School District, built on Google Sites, part of a suite of online applications called Google Apps for Education. The district will be rolling out that suite of applications to district staff in 2015-2016. It will also be extending access to the applications to students (when parental permission is granted) so the students can create, share, and submit assignments online.

The former website was hand-coded, so moving to Google Sites will allow the replacement site to be maintained much more easily, readily allow multiple website editors, and will enable new features.

You may encounter some errors on this new website. If you find an error, encounter non-working or incorrect web links, or have suggestions to improve the new site, please send an email to the district webmaster at Please indicate both the problem and the particular web page on which it occurs. Your assistance in improving the site would be appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mobile version of the site?

This site uses a feature of Google Sites where it automatically reformats to better fit the smaller screens on mobile devices. 
  • You may find that holding a smartphone in landscape mode rather than portrait mode (holding it so that the screen is wider than it is long) may improve how some pages are displayed.
  • If a page is not displayed in the mobile-friendly format, select "View as Mobile" below the site footer. Alternately, when in mobile mode you can select "View as Desktop" to see the full version of the site. You may also find that simply refreshing the page in your browser can help put it in the correct mode.

Are there any significant changes from the former site?

The website now integrates features which used to be hosted on separate websites:
The Mid-High closed in May 2015, and Madison Middle School now occupies that campus. So the menus no longer include a link to a Mid-High website. However, you can click here to access the archived Mid-High website. In late July a new website was launched for grades 9-12 at Bartlesville High School.

Will the individual school websites be updated too?

In late July 2015 a new website for the high school was launched as part of its reconfiguration to serve grades 9-12. Before July 2016 the remaining school sites will migrate to Google Sites since the My Big Campus service now hosting them will be shutting down.

What happened to the Mid-High website?

The Mid-High closed in May 2015 and Madison Middle School now occupies that campus. There is a new website for grades 9-12 at Bartlesville High School, but for awhile you can click here to access the archived Mid-High website.