Orange Level 1 Protocols Now In Effect

posted Aug 21, 2020, 4:48 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Aug 21, 2020, 4:49 PM ]
Orange Level 1

On August 21, Bartlesville Public Schools was informed that Washington County had officially shifted from Yellow to Orange Level 1 in the Safety Protocols recommended by the State Board of Education. The district’s Pandemic Response Committee tracks the county’s new case rate from other sources on a daily basis, which had already indicated case levels commensurate with Orange Level 1, so this transition was expected.

Orange Level 1 is when the weekly average of daily new cases per 100,000 population is above 14.38 but less than 25. The official rate in the state reporting for Washington County has risen from 7.16 on July 17 to 16.08 on August 20.

In accordance with the district’s Reopening Procedures, the Pandemic Response Committee will continue to evaluate the history of active cases in the county, the district’s active contact tracing case tallies, and student and staff absenteeism in deciding whether or not to recommend a district-wide shift to Distance Learning. Thus far the Committee has NOT recommended such a shift, so in-person instruction will continue along with the existing virtual programs. In-person classes will resume as scheduled at all sites on Monday, August 24.

Orange Level 1 brings these adjustments to the district’s health protocols:

  • STUDENT FACE COVERINGS: While face coverings are still only MANDATED for students in grades 4 and up and are expected for all bus riders, the district STRONGLY ENCOURAGES that parents provide face coverings for PreKindergarten through 3rd-grade students and help them learn to wear them effectively. The district is already exploring the option of eventually purchasing some child-sized face shields for any young students who cannot safely wear a mask.

  • STAFF FACE COVERINGS: Teachers and all other staff members now must continually wear a face covering while inside a school facility EXCEPT when alone in a room or while eating or drinking. (In Yellow level, while this behavior is encouraged, face coverings are only mandated when within 6 feet of another person.) When a face covering is NOT worn and others are in a room, such as at lunch, staff are urged to carefully observe physical distancing of 6 feet or more.

  • STAFF SCREENINGS: After they have their temperature checked at the start of each workday, all staff members will be required to log into the Ascension Screen & Go app on a district Chromebook or computer (or a compatible mobile device) to answer screening questions. 

  • EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Spectators at on-campus extracurricular events are expected to wear masks and to practice physical distancing. Attendance limits at some events should be expected. Any non-district 3rd-party activities WITHIN a school facility have been suspended even if previously approved, although approved activities that occur outdoors may continue so long as appropriate precautions, including physical distancing, are observed.

If the county should enter Orange Level 2, with 25 or more daily new cases per 100,000 population, there could be a shift to district-wide Distance Learning. Everyone in the county can help prevent this by taking precautions such as wearing a face mask and practicing physical distancing when in public. 

However, regardless of what the case rate is, if the district exhausts its substitute pool such that it cannot staff classrooms, it would be forced to transition to Distance Learning at one or more schools.

We appreciate the help and support of our extended Bruin Family in following our district’s health protocols.