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posted Feb 26, 2016, 1:54 PM by District Webmaster   [ updated May 9, 2016, 6:46 PM ]
Bartlesville Public School students who will be entering grades 5-7 or 8-10 in August 2016 are invited to apply to attend the Tri-County Tech STEM Camp in June of 2016.

A camp for students entering grades 5, 6, and 7 runs from June 6-10, 2016 and a camp for students entering grades 8, 9, and 10 runs from June 13-17. 

The Tri County Tech STEM Camp will include career specific instruction and activities, field trips, instructor-led fitness, team-building, entrepreneurship lessons, and presentation skills. Students can be dropped off as early as 7:30 am and picked up as late as 5:30 pm. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided. 

Each morning, students will start their day with a fitness activity in Tri County Tech's state-ofthe-art fitness center. All classes will be taught
by certified instructors, including National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT). In addition to STEM, Health, and Computer Technology activities students will also learn presentation skills, culminating in a presentation they will give on the last day of camp.

Students dig into the engineering field, applying math, science, and engineering standards to hands-on projects. They work both individually and in teams to design solutions to a variety of problems. The hands-on activities and simulations may include designing and
building mouse trap ping pong ball launchers, rockets/Hover craft, C02 dragsters, and robots, plus competing in a junkyard challenge.

Students will explore several high-demand health related professions, including nursing, medical laboratory science, forensics, radiology, and dental. During this interactive camp, students will learn about each health profession through hands-on activities and simulation experiences. They will engage with professionals from the various health care fields and learn how to pursue a health-related career.

Students will make their first video game in this one-of-a-kind program, as they discover the keys to designing video games. Conceptualizing, play experience, challenging levels, character development, graphics and elements, music and sound, software, and coding are just some of what they'll explore.

For more information, call Tri County Technology Center at (918) 331-3333

The cost is now $245 per camper and you can now register until the camps begin or are full. Registration forms are attached at the bottom of this post.

Both partial and full scholarships are available to eligible students thanks to the financial support of the Barry W. Lowe and Karen Sue Lowe Foundation. Contact the appropriate school counselor listed below for more information on scholarships:

Bartlesville High School
Andrea Jacobs, Counselor
(918) 336-3311 ext. 5165

Central Middle School
Allison Ebert, Counselor
(918) 333-3176 ext. 3210

Madison Middle School
Julie Brown, Counselor
(918) 333-4444

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