Richard Kane 2nd Grade class decorated Christmas tree at State Capitol

posted Dec 22, 2018, 6:34 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Dec 22, 2018, 6:46 AM ]
Voelkers' 2nd Grade Class at Capitol
One of the highlights of the 2018 holiday season was the Christmas tree decorated by Emily Voelkers' 2nd Grade class from Richard Kane Elementary. Her class was among 25 statewide chosen to participate in the Governor's tree decorating ceremony in early December, with the students exploring the Capitol and participating in holiday activities.

The students met Governor Fallin and State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister and were visited by freshmen Bartlesville representatives Derrel Fincher and Judd Strom.

The students used Harry Potter as the theme for their tree, decking it out with ornaments like Golden Snitches and broomsticks, crowning it with a Sorting Hat

The 20 students were outfitted in matching red Hogwarts Honor Student Kane Elementary shirts purchased from Bartlesville Print Shop, making it easier for Ms. Voelkers, school board member Alison Clark, and others keep track of the youngsters.

Governor, State Supt. and class

Harry Potter Christmas Tree