State Science Fair winners

posted Apr 26, 2018, 8:43 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Apr 26, 2018, 8:49 AM ]

Bartlesville students and teacher sponsors attended the Oklahoma State Science and Engineering Fair at East Central University in Ada on April 5-6. Bartlesville earned second place in the statewide sweepstakes with four 1st Place category awards, five 2nd Place awards, and one 3rd Place award.

Category Awards

Division I (Grades 10-12)

1st Place: 
  • James Boudreaux – “An Investigation into Wireless Power Transmission” - Energy, Transportation & Engineering (BHS, sponsor Gary Layman)
2nd Place:
  • Claire Chipinda & Kianna Shaw – “Homemade pH Indicators” - Chemistry (BHS, sponsor Gary Layman)
  • Stone Yang – “To Do or Not to Do” - Computer Science & Software Engineering (BHS, sponsor Gary Layman)
  • Rachel Brown – “Effects of Salinity on Aedes aegypti mosquito blood meal selection” - Medical & Health Sciences (BHS, sponsor Betty Henderson)
Division II (Grades 7-9)

1st Place:
  •  Tarun Vinodkumar & Morgan King – “Modeling Fin-tastic Cooling” - Computer Science & Software Engineering (Central, sponsor Kristin Turner)
  • Colton McCollough – “Skyscraper Design vs. Stability in Earthquakes” - Energy Transportation & Engineering (BHS, sponsor Cheryl Fentress)
  • Maha Achour – “Does bacteria enter a beverage when you drink directly from the bottle/carton?” - Microbiology & Biochemistry (BHS, sponsor Cheryl Fentress)
2nd Place:
  • Bryce Goodin – “The Great Sound Escape” - Energy, Transportation & Engineering (BHS, sponsor Cheryl Fentress)
  • Anisha Sharma – “Ocean Ferrous Fertilization: Effects on Global Warming” - Environmental & Earth Science (Madison, sponsor Theresa Miller)
3rd Place:
  • Charlie Olsen – “Wildland Fire Damper” - Physics & Astronomy (Madison, sponsor Theresa Miller)

Special Awards

Division I (Grades 10-12)
  • James Boudreaux – NASA Space Camp, 1st Place
  • Claire Chipinda & Kianna Shaw – American Chemical Society, 2nd Place
  • Claire Hopkins – “Toxicity of Groundwater: Using Daphnia magna” - U.S. Naval Research Award, 2nd Place; Stockholm Junior Water Prize, 3rd Place
  • David Kelley – “Ducted Propeller” - NASA Scholarship, 1st Runner-Up
  • Keith Shelts – “Brine vs. Salt vs. the Environment – Treating Icy Roads in Oklahoma” - Stockholm Junior Water Prize, 2nd Place
  • Stone Yang – U.S. Metric Association
Division II (Grades 7-9)
  • Anisha Sharma – American Meteorology Science Award; NASA Earth System Science Award
  • Morgan King & Tarun Vinodkumar – East Central University Award
  • Max Williams – “The Effect of Temperature on Hurricanes” - American Meteorological Society Award; National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Award; U.S. Naval Research Award
  • Eli Winter – “Wave of the Future” – U.S. Naval Research Award
Teacher sponsors who attended the state science fair with their students included Madison’s Theresa Miller and Dr. Michael Page, Central’s Kristin Turner, and from BHS Cheryl Fentress, Betty Henderson, Gary Layman, and Warren Neff.

Three students were selected earlier this year, at the Bartlesville District Science Fair, to compete at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, PA from May 13-18:
  • Rachel Brown, "Effects of Salinity on Aedes aegypti mosquito blood meal selection"
  • James Boudreaux, "An Investigation into Wireless Power Transmission"
  • Edwin Ding, "The Optimal Truss" 
State Science Fair Team