Student and staff passwords update

posted Jul 26, 2018, 12:02 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Jul 26, 2018, 12:42 PM ]
As part of a large-scale technology upgrade this summer, the district will be requiring student and staff passwords for access to district computers and online services to have at least eight characters.

All existing student passwords that are less than 8 characters should change around August 1st or 2nd to have 8 or more characters. For passwords with less than 8 characters, the two-character sequence of "18" will be added to the end, repeatedly if needed, until the password is 8 characters or more. This will affect students' ability to login to Chromebooks, Canvas, and district computers as well as G Suite for Education services such as Gmail and Google Drive. When the PowerSchool Portal re-opens in mid-August, the new password will apply to it as well.
  • abcd1234 would not change
  • abcd123 would become abcd12318
  • abcd12 would become abcd1218
  • abcd1 would become abcd11818, etc.

Students' usernames and district email addresses will NOT change, but the changed password will disable access to email accounts on personal devices, requiring the password be updated or the account be set up again in the relevant apps.

The new passwords should be shown on the schedules distributed at secondary student registrations August 1-10, so if they encounter any problems, that should help.

Elementary students will receive assistance with password updates after they return to school on August 16.

Technology Update


Teachers report back on Monday, August 13. Around that time the district will set its systems to require staff members to update their passwords with ones having at least eight characters. Users should be able to re-use their existing passwords if they already meet the requirement.

That update should automatically synchronize with G Suite for Education, so staff members who change their passwords will need to update any connected apps on their personal devices, such as smartphones or tablets connected to Gmail and/or Google Calendar. In some cases, this may require setting up their district Google account again in the relevant apps.