Students earn awards at state technology conference

posted Apr 22, 2019, 6:04 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Apr 22, 2019, 4:37 PM ]
Students from both Central and Madison middle schools and Bartlesville High School attended the Oklahoma Technology Student Association state conference in Norman on April 10-12, 2019. Five students competing at the conference qualified to compete at the national conference, which will be in Washington, DC in late June and early July.

Bartlesville High School
Seven students from Bartlesville High School, along with sponsor Jeremy Hanks, attended the conference. The students competed in five different areas. Ravyn Holden qualified for nationals with her 3rd Place in Essays on Technology.

Emory Courtney, Towanda Cronk, Emma Griffin, and Konnor Hackler designed an entry for Board Game Design which Troy Carter and Emma Griffin presented in an interview at the conference, earning 5th Place. Emma also earned 5th Place in Photographic Technology. Students also competed in Children's Stories and Biotechnology Design.

Central Middle School

20 students from Central Middle School competed in 11 different areas, with four students qualifying for national competition:
  • 1st Place in Middle School STEM Animation (qualified for nationals)
    • Mehdi Achour, Om Ghonasgi, Lily Talbot
  • 3rd Place for Leadership Strategies (qualified for nationals)
    • Mehdi Achour, Griffin Craig, Om Ghonasgi
  • 4th Place for Rube Goldberg
    • Captains Lily Talbot & Thomas Parsley, Mehdi Achour, Archisha Banerjee, Maggie Martin, Zach Waddell
  • 9th Place for Leadership Strategies
    • Chloe Robbins, Rylee Ruddick, Lilly Wimer
  • 9th Place for Coding
    • Caison Miser-Fees, Trey Williamson
  • 10th Place for Coding
    • Zach Waddell & another student
The Central VEX Robotics team made it into the finals competition of the top 16 teams. The school also had students compete in Challenging Technology Issues, Problem-Solving, T-Shirt Design, and Drones.

Madison Middle School

Six students from Madison Middle School, along with teachers Shannon McKinney and Rachel Hough, attended the conference and competed in VEX Robotics. McKinney coordinated the Forensic Technology event while Rachel Hough coordinated Challenging Issues in Technology.
Central TSA 1st Place
Central Middle School students Mehdi Achour, Om Ghonasgi, and Lily Talbot earned 1st Place in Middle School STEM Animation at the state conference and qualified for nationals.

Bartlesville High School students Towanda Cronk, Presley Burch, Emma Griffin, Konnor Hackler, Carlie Pool, Ravyn Holden, Troy Carter, and sponsor Jeremy Hanks were among the BHS conference participants; Ravyn qualified for nationals with her Essay on Technology.

Central 3rd place team
Central Middle School students Om Ghonasgi, Mehdi Achour, and Griffin Craig earned 3rd Place in Leadership Strategies at the state conference and qualified for nationals.

Rube Goldberg
In the Rube Goldberg competition, students spent four hours building three boards with six simple machines in each; the Central Middle School students earned 4th Place in the state with STEM teacher Darin Messerli coordinating.

BHS Board Game Design team
BHS students Troy Carter, Emma Griffin, Towanda Cronk, and Konnor Hackler with the Board Game Design entry which earned 5th Place.

Lolly Williams & Central TSA GroupCentral students at the Technology Student Association state conference with sponsor Lolly Williams.