Students Head Out to Special Olympics on May 11, 2016

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Student athletes representing the Bartlesville Public School District in the 47th Annual Summer Special Olympics in Stillwater had a send-off on Wednesday, 5/11/2016 at 7:00 a.m. in front of Bartlesville High School. The athletes, their coaches, the band, poms, and cheerleaders were there.

Elementary students participating in the Special Olympics May 11-13 included four students from Jane Phillips, one from Richard Kane, one from Wayside, and two from Ranch Heights. Six students from Madison Middle School and one from Central were also going, along with six students from Bartlesville High School.

Competitions the students participated in were the 25, 50, and 100 meter track events, softball throw and relay team, and turbo jav.

Their coaches were Cassy Marlar, Sherry Langham, Brandi Rogers, Deana Cornish, Tina McCammon, Deb Ropp, Angela Kitts, Susan Droz, Sheri Thompson, Jared Marlar, Chris Shook, Jim Avery, and Andy Ropp.

 Jane Phillips Rhiece Carter 100 m, Softball Throw
 Jane Phillips Cyruss Low 100 m, Turbo Jav
 Jane Phillips Omarion Crawford 100 m, Turbo Jav
 Jane Phillips Sara Rich 100 m, Softball Relay Team
 Richard Kane Sophia Terry 25 m, Softball Throw
 Wayside James Kitts 100 m, Softball Throw
 Ranch Heights Lucas Sato 100 m, Softball Throw Relay Team
 Ranch Heights Samara Rogers 100 m, Softball Throw Relay Team
 Madison Clayton Fox 100 m, Turbo Jav, Relay Team
 Madison James Droz 100 m, Turbo Jav, Relay Team
 Madison Heaven Choate 50 m, Softball Throw
 Madison Zoe Rich 50 m, Softball Throw Relay Team
 Madison Audysen Witte 50 m, Softball Throw Relay Team
 BHS Brittany Manuel  50 m, Softball Throw
 BHS Baylee Ropp 100 m, Softball Throw
 BHS Lindsay Conner 100 m, Turbo Jav
 BHS Connor Gaffney 100 m, Turbo Jav
 BHS Rosalinda Zarate 100 m, Softball Throw
*Some student names withheld per FERPA

Special Olympics Sendoff

Special Olympics