Summer camps held for incoming 6th graders at Madison and Central

posted Aug 14, 2017, 7:05 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Aug 14, 2017, 7:16 PM ]

Central and Madison Middle School each held summer camps in late July and early August for students transitioning from elementary school to middle school. Incoming sixth graders learned about their new school, its procedures, and met new classmates through team activities and games. The camps were provided at only $10 per student, thanks to the generosity of Bartlesville Education Promise.

For two weeks the camp at Madison Middle School focused on academics and character building through technology and hands-on activities. “We help students find important places in the building. Everyone feels comfortable before school begins,” said Mrs. Ewing, 6th grade English teacher. She added, “My favorite part of camp is seeing a student open up a locker and know they have it for the first day of school.”

Madison staff at the camp this year included Joey Eidson, principal; Morgan Axsom, assistant principal; Courtney Gagan, Tina Ewing, Madison Barr, Kyle Ppool, Casey Brewer, and Lindsay Hammond.

“Camp is really fun. We had a scavenger hunt through the school. My team came in second, and we know where everything is,” said Tonya, an incoming sixth grader.

The camp offered many activities and a rich curriculum for all students, including: core subject integration into everyday activities such as cooking, art and nature; health, hygiene and fitness; time management; Locker 101 which helped students become acclimated with lockers and let them practice opening and closing them; stress and homework management; understanding the cafeteria and menu; navigating the building; learning about service opportunities; learning about clubs; and understanding the schedule.

“We practice the Mustang Run, play kickball, and learn how to cook,” said Dakota, another sixth grader. “I think it is fun here.”

Central’s Cub Camp was a two-day transition camp for all incoming sixth graders. It was designed to give the students a look at life as a Central Cub. 120 students participated in Cub Camp this year. At the end of the two days, students could register early with their parents, try out their lockers, and go through their schedules, all with the support of their new friends, teachers, and student leaders.

“I’m learning where all the rooms are, and I think I’m ready to start school now,” said Jared, a new sixth grader. The camp gave students head starts at feeling comfortable and knowing the rules. During the two-day camp, students ate breakfast and lunch, played games, learned how to use a locker, met their fellow classmates, talked about school procedures and guidelines, met the counselors and principals, toured and explored the building, and experienced a sample school day.

“It’s so important for students to feel welcome and at ease with their school. Cub Camp allows for our new students to get over their first day jitters before the actual first day,” said Heather Davis, Camp Coordinator. “Hopefully when that first day comes, they’ll feel like they already fit in as a Central Cub.”

The district appreciates the support of Bartlesville Education Promise, which made it possible to provide the students with these great opportunities at a low cost.


Below: Geography chalk on the giant U.S. map with Mr. Brewer 
Geography Chalk

Above and below: students race to open their lockers.


Below: Students play games to learn each other's names and build relationships.

Below: A student races to work a combination lock.