Truity's Bruin card continues to pay off for student activities and athletics

posted May 28, 2019, 10:05 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated May 28, 2019, 10:58 AM ]
Truity Bruin Card Donation for 2018-19
Sara Freeman of Truity Credit Union presented to the Bartlesville Board of Education a check for $14,500 which represents the latest installment of district spirit funds via the Bartlesville Bruins debit card. Flanking her, from left to right, are Board Vice-President Rick Boswell, Board Clerk Alison Clark, Superintendent Chuck McCauley, Board President Scott Bilger, and Board Members Andrea Nightingale, Kevin Sitton, Tyler Vaclaw, and Randy Herren.

At its May 2019 meeting, the Bartlesville Board of Education recognized Truity Credit Union for its continued support for the school district. Sara Freeman, Truity Manager of Business Development, presented a check for $14,500 which represented the latest installment of the district proceeds from Truity's Bartlesville Bruins Debit Card.

Anyone with a Truity checking account can sign up for that card. A portion of the processing fees on each transaction goes to the schools. The credit union has offered the "Bruin Spirit" card since 2009, which has raised about $85,000 to date for student activities and athletics.

Truity also provides direct school support through donations to school Parent Support Groups, sponsoring various school events, and matching grants with the Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation (BSPF). It also supports teachers with recruitment and retention events and classroom grants through the BPSF. In 2017, the credit union made a three-year commitment to donate $200,000 to district programs to benefit students, schools, parents, and teachers.

The district is grateful to Truity and its other community partners who invest in Bartlesville's present and future via their support of the public schools.

Bruin Debit Card