Wilson's Tupper is November Teacher of the Month

posted Nov 2, 2018, 1:18 PM by Granger Meador   [ updated Nov 2, 2018, 1:19 PM ]

Kristina Tupper, a fourth-grade teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, has been named the Bartlesville Public School District Teacher of the Month for November by Arvest Bank and Patriot Chevrolet.

In recognition of this honor, Ms. Tupper was presented with a plaque and a $300 check by Annah Fischer, Arvest Bank Marketing Manager,  and Patriot Chevrolet’s Sales Manager Ty Kent and General Sales Manager Dustin Peck.

Ms. Tupper has 14 years of teaching experience. She has been teaching fourth grade for a dozen years. As a teen, Ms. Tupper worked as a babysitter and at a daycare, so choosing education as a major in college was a natural choice for her. She believes it is important to set a positive tone in the classroom and develop relationships with students that are built on respect.

Ms. Tupper feels successful as a teacher whenever she sees her students achieve goals. She teaches them that learning isn’t about perfection,  but about the effort and willingness they put into the difficult tasks set before them.

Her philosophy of teaching is affected by the team-building with her fellow teachers at Woodrow Wilson Elementary. She believes the teachers she works with understand her students and she looks to them for advice. She keeps up-to-date with social trends by listening and interacting with her students, and she does not fear using new technology in her classroom.

Ms. Tupper knows class sizes and education funding impact her students. Her class sizes are larger than they have ever been in her 14 years of teaching, and she knows that as they grow, she must work even harder to ensure students are not overlooked. Even as class sizes have grown, classroom budgets have shrunk, with many teachers using their own money for class supplies. This reflects how Oklahoma’s per-pupil funding remains the lowest in the region. So the support of Arvest and Patriot Chevrolet for dedicated teachers like Ms. Tupper is truly appreciated.

Ms. Tupper stays involved in the community through Children’s Musical Theatre of Bartlesville as a volunteer and cast manager and by volunteering with the children’s choir at her church.

Bartlesville Public Schools is proud to join Arvest Bank and Patriot Chevrolet in honoring Kristina Tupper as the Bartlesville Teacher of the Month for November.

Kristina Tupper
Annah Fischer, Arvest Bank Marketing Manager (right), with Ty Kent, Sales Manager (left) and Dustin Peck, General Sales Manager (center) of Patriot Chevrolet, congratulate Kristina Tupper, fourth-grade teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, for being selected a Bartlesville Teacher of the Month. In recognition of this honor, Mr. Kent, Mr. Peck, and Ms. Fischer visited Woodrow Wilson Elementary to present Ms. Tupper with a plaque and a $300 check.