LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser
The LockDown Browser is used for quizzes and other assessments taken in the Canvas Learning Management System. Your teacher will tell you when you need to use it.

To use the LockDown Browser on your Chromebook:
  1. You must start from the initial login screen of your Chromebook (the one with the lizard background photo). So if you're logged into your Chromebook, click on the icon at the bottom right of the screen and click Sign out at the top right of the pop-up menu.
  2. With the Sign in to your Chromebook dialog box visible, instead of entering your email address as you usually do, look at the bottom left of the screen and click on Apps, located just right of Shut down.
  3. Click LockDown Browser on the pop-up menu.Lockdown Browser app
  4. If your Chromebook has never used the LockDown Browser before, you'll be asked to enter the name of your Institution. Type Bartlesville and select Bartlesville Public Schools.
  5. You will now be in the LockDown Browser, in which you'll see the usual Canvas login screen. Enter your usual login credentials (your student email address and district password) and click Log In.
  6. Use the Dashboard or Courses icon to navigate to the course in which you are taking the assessment and open it.
  7. Click on Quizzes in that course to see the list of quizzes.
  8. Click on the title of the appropriate quiz.
  9. You will see any quiz instructions. Read them and, when you are ready, click the Take the Quiz button. Once you start the quiz you will be unable to exit it until you submit it.
  10. If your instructor has set an Access Code for your quiz, you'll be prompted to enter it and then click Submit.
  11. Take the quiz and then Submit it. 
  12. You will only be able to use Canvas until you reboot your Chromebook. Hold down the power button at the top right of the keyboard until the screen goes dark.
To restart your Chromebook, tap the power button once to bring up the usual login screen (with the lizard), and sign in to your Chromebook as you normally do.