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Is there a cost to attend class?

  • There is a $25 registration fee. This amount covers all supplies and materials needed in the classroom for a school year. It does not cover any testing done outside the classroom, such as the GED™ exams or GED Ready™ exams. This amount must be paid in full before starting the class.  We do not take personal checks. Only debit/credit cards are preferred. Exact cash or money orders are accepted.

Where can I enroll in a class?

  • All interested parties should call enroll and pay online. The enrollment date and location will depend on availability. 
  • Minors or their parent/legal guardian (16- & 17-years-old) must set up an interview appointment to enroll.  We will request a transcript, discipline report, and other records from your previously attended school.
What do I need to bring to an interview for minor students?
  • All minors and a parent or legal guardian are required to meet with a panel to discuss the program.
  • $25 is required to pay the registration fee to enter the program. Cards are preferred. Exact cash and money orders are accepted. Personal checks will not be accepted.
  • 16- & 17-year-old release form completed and notarized from your previous school.  Please ask for more information when you schedule the interview. 
  • Government-issued identification cards of both the student and parent/legal guardian are required for the interview.

When can I enroll in a class?

  • We have an "open enrollment" for adults (18 years of age and older), which means that you can enroll anytime during the school year. Minors (16- & 17-years old) must wait until they have been approved by an interview panel. 

How long do I attend classes?

  • This varies from person to person. The student's educational level upon entry, goals, and attendance will determine his/her length of time in the program. It may take anywhere from a month to a year, depending upon the individual's academic abilities and dedication to the program.

What are the classes like?

  • The classes are designed for the needs of adult learners.  Classroom activities are directed by the teacher and Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) scores. Every student will be working on a different subject or topic so there will be very few group activities. All subjects are taught by each teacher in every class, so it looks much like a study hall.
What types of materials are used to teach? Do I need to bring anything for class?
  • There is a computer-based curriculum that will be accessed online after an orientation.
  • We provide paper, pens, pencils, calculators, and notebooks for use in the classroom. If you have a preferred type of notebook or writing utensils, you are welcome to bring those for your personal use. The Bartlesville Adult Learning Center, Bartlesville Public Schools, Tri-County Technology Center and Professional Development Center, and Workforce are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

How old must I be to enter the program?

  • According to State law, you must be at least 16. All 16- and 17-year old students must also have a parental consent form signed and notarized by their parents and the area High School principal before they can enter the class. This form must be on file in our office before admittance to the program can occur. Minors and their parent/legal guardians are required by the program to go through the informal interview process.

What do I need to do to take the GED exam?

  • Go to MyGED™ to set up an account, schedule, and pay for your exams. A credit or debit card is required to pay for exams. After registering an account (please write down and keep your username and password for future use), the website recommends testing centers within a chosen mile radius. (We have one at the district's Education Service Center at 1100 S Jennings, Bartlesville.) Once you choose a testing center, you can see the testing dates available at that testing center. If these dates do not work for you, choose a different testing center site for more dates. All test candidates must be at least 16 years of age. Minors must be approved before test scheduling is allowed. 

Is there a testing center nearby? What is different about this testing center?

  • There is a Pearson VUE Authorized Testing Center located at the Bartlesville Public Schools Education Service Center, 1100 S Jennings Avenue. If you have questions regarding the testing center or the scheduling process, please call 918-336-6560.
  • The days available for testing in Bartlesville are most Wednesdays, but availability is limited. The dates are listed on the MyGED® website as part of the scheduling process. 
  • When scheduling your GED exams, please be aware of the time given for each exam. If you schedule more than one exam in the same appointment, you are given an automatic 10-minute break between the exams. If you would like to take a longer break, please schedule your subsequent exams at a later time.
      • Reasoning Through Language Arts (155 mins/2.5 hours; scheduled 10-minute break mid-exam)
      • Mathematical Reasoning (120 mins/2 hours)
      • Science (95 mins/1.5 hours)
      • Social Studies (75 mins/1.25 hours)
  • Please be sure to put correct phone numbers or update your registration page so that a call can be made in case of emergency cancellation. All attempts are made to contact candidates.