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Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Great Expectations is a model for teaching that builds on the very best of what is known about teaching today.

Great Expectations is based on six basic tenets:
  • All children can learn
  • Climate of mutual respect
  • Building self-esteem
  • Teacher attitude and responsibility
  • High expectations
  • Teacher knowledge and skill
There are 17 practices that happen in a Great Expectations classroom. Among these practices are:
Speaking in complete sentences
Celebrating successes
Teacher modeling of desired behaviors
Positive caring environment
School or class creed recited daily

By 2013 all of Bartlesville's public schools had been recognized as Model Schools by the Great Expectations Foundation, and the district was the first Model District in the program. The district has renewed that honor in each subsequent school year, reaching 5 consecutive years as Model District in 2016-2017.

In each month of the school year, the Bartlesville Public School District and the Bartlesville Regional United Way designate a Great Expectations Life Principle as Life Principle of the Month. BPSD students, staff and members of the Bartlesville community are encouraged to incorporate the life principle into their respective lifestyles as habit.

An online video shows the Bartlesville Public School District’s path to becoming a Great Expectations Model District.

If the embedded video won't play, try this direct link.