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Phillips 66 Innovation Labs

Phillips 66 Innovation Labs

October 24, 2018

Phillips 66 logo
A $1.7 million Signature Community Initiative grant from Phillips 66 funded Innovation Labs for STEM programs at each of the public secondary schools in Bartlesville. 

New Innovation labs opened in 2015 at Bartlesville High School and Madison Middle School and in 2016-2017 at Central Middle School. The lab designs and renderings are by Ambler Architects and Nabholz was the project construction manager.

Bartlesville High School


At the high school, the 1956 basement cafeteria was no longer needed when the new cafeteria/commons opened in August 2015. So the grant completely renovated the former cafeteria space into the Phillips 66 Innovation Labs, consisting of an advanced computing lab, presentation room, and projects laboratory to serve four new courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

P66 IT Lab at BHS
Students in the Information Technology Lab at collaboration stations
P66 IT Lab's Collaboration Station

P66 Projects Lab at BHS
Student working in the Projects Lab on mobile whiteboard

BHS Presentations Room
Presentations Room with flexible mobile furnishings

BHS Innovation Labs
The high school labs include an Information Technology Lab, Presentations Room, Engineering Workroom with shop area, and a Projects Lab with wet lab, two project rooms, and its own shop area

Eight courses at the high school address all areas of STEM:
  • Betty Henderson
    Science: Science Research course where juniors and seniors develop independent original research projects and enter them into competitions. This course is offered by veteran BHS science teacher Betty Henderson, who is a member of the Oklahoma Science Fair Hall of Fame and has for decades mentored Bartlesville students in award-winning projects at the district, state, and national levels, including several that led to patents.
  • Technology:
    Jeremy HanksJosh Wolfe
    BHS teacher Jeremy Hanks used his expertise with computers to build up to a full day of computer courses by the second year of the program. In its third year, exploding enrollments allowed BHS teacher Josh Wolfe to teach some of the introductory courses. The computer science program overgrew the original Innovation Labs and is offered in two dedicated STEM computer labs on the floor above. They currently offer several courses using Project Lead the Way curricula:
  • Engineering:
    David Ayres
    Veteran BHS science teacher David Ayres, who has a degree in engineering, started offering an Introduction to Engineering Design course in 2015-2016 via a district partnership with Tri County Tech. In 2017-2018 the follow-up Principles of Engineering course was added, so five sections of engineering courses are now offered in the Phillips 66 Innovation Labs. In 2018-2019 the large Projects Lab was partitioned to provide a dedicated workroom for the Pre-Engineering program. These Project Lead the Way courses can be followed up in the later grades with additional related engineering coursework at Tri County Tech.
  • Mathematics:
    Warren Neff
    Advanced Math Applications course for students in grades 10-12 with topics such as signal processing, array design, solid earth modeling, matrix inversion, field modeling, and much more. This course is being taught by veteran math teacher Warren Neff, who brings his extensive industry experience to bear.

Middle Schools

At each of the two middle schools, two separate areas were remodeled into Innovation Labs. A suite of rooms at each site is designated for that school's Gateway to Technology program, which offers students a variety of courses:
  • Design & Modeling
  • Flight & Space
  • Science & Technology
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Medical Detectives
  • Introduction to Computer Science
Each middle school now has two computing labs and a projects lab devoted to STEM.

Madison Middle School

At Madison Middle School, one Gateway to Technology suite includes a computing laboratory, student workroom, and fabrication room.

Madison GTT IT Lab

Madison GTT Labs

The program doubled in size in 2016-2017 with courses taught by Shannon McKinney and Rachel Hough. The two new Gateway to Technology teachers use the Innovation Labs on both sides of the corridor, including another computing lab and student workroom to the north.

Madison General IT and Projects Labs

Madison Innovation Labs

Central Middle School

Central Middle School's original campus underwent a complete renovation and expansion. New Phillips 66 Innovation Labs were constructed on the ground floor and top floor. The former band room and adjacent areas on the top floor were remodeled for Gateway to Technology courses taught by Darin Messerli. This area has a computing lab and a combination work room/fabrication room.

Central GTT Labs Entry

Central Top Floor Innovation Labs

A former art room has been equipped with lab tables and an eyewash funded by the Phillips 66 grant and provides lab space for science classes and programs.

A former shop area on the ground floor, which had been two separate classrooms in recent years, was fully remodeled into a computing lab at one end and a projects lab at the other end. Gateway to Technology teacher Lolly Williams uses these spaces with her students.

Central Ground Floor Labs

Central Ground Floor Labs Layout