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Psychological Services

School Psychologists work with students, educators, and families to support academic achievement, positive behavior, and mental wellness of all students, especially those who struggle with barriers to learning.

School Psychologists help schools and families address some of our biggest challenges in education: improving and individualizing instruction to close the achievement gap.

School Psychologists are a critical part of the school team that ensures quality, genuinely accessible education for all students in our community:
  • gifted students who need opportunities for enrichment
  • typical student who benefit from differentiated instructional approaches
  • struggling students who need remedial instruction to address milk skill deficits
  • eligible students who need individualized instructional services to address learning-related disabilities
School Psychologists have extensive training in:
  • assessments
  • progress monitoring
  • instruction
  • child development and psychology
  • consultation
  • counseling
  • crisis response
  • program evaluation
  • data collection and analysis
Our training is specific to applying this expertise within the school context, both general and special education, and also includes extensive knowledge in school systems and law.

Psychological Services

The psychologists are scheduled at various school sites throughout the district on school days from Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Individual appointments can be scheduled through your child's site counselor.

The Psychological Services offices are now housed at Madison Middle School. Services may be provided by the following district employees and/or some contracted service providers.

First NameLast NamePositionEmailPhone Number
Donna Handelman Secretary HandelmanDL 918-333-4444 ext. 1608 
Tiffany Fitzsimmons School Psychologist, EdS, NCSP FitzsimmonsTR 918-333-4444 ext. 1516 
Amanda Washington School Psychologist, EdS, NCSP WashingtonAR 918-333-4444 ext. 1612 
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Mailing Address:
Bartlesville Public School District
ATTN: Psychological Services
P.O. Box 1357
Bartlesville, OK 74005-1357