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Data Teams

Data teams are small grade-level or department teams that examine individual student work generated from common formative assessments. In collaborative, structured, scheduled meetings they focus on the effectiveness of teaching and learning via data-driven instruction.
First your team needs a written curriculum and must create a pre-assessment tied to specific student objectives. Then you give the pre-assessment to begin the Data Team Meeting Cycle. 

Data Team Meeting Cycle

  1. Collect and chart data
  2. Analyze strengths and obstacles
  3. Establish S.M.A.R.T. goal(s): set, review, revise
  4. Select instructional strategies
  5. Determine results indicators
  6. Monitor and evaluate results
After you complete a Team Meeting cycle and use the instructional strategies and results indicators you identified, you give the post-assessment and evaluate the results. This spreadsheet is a good resource.

Helpful Resources for the Data Team Cycle