BPS Web Shortcuts

Here are some fast ways to access district websites. These are NOT case sensitive, but shown with some capitals to held you read through the list.
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Web AddressDestination
Web AddressDestination
BartlesvilleBruinsBasketball.COM Bruin Basketball 
BartlesvilleFootball.COM Bruin Football 
BartlesvilleSoftball.COM Bruin Softball 
BartlesvilleStrings.ORG Bruin Orchestra Program 
BHSFAC.ORG Fine Arts Center at Bartlesville High School 
BPSBHS.ORG Bartlesville High School 
BPSBus.ORG or BPSBus.COM District Transportation Webpage 
BPSCanvas.COM Canvas LMS help for students and parents 
BPSCanvas.ORG Canvas LMS help for staff members 
BPSCentral.ORG Central Middle School 
BPSChromebook.COM Chromebook help for students and parents 
BPSChromebook.ORG Chromebook help for staff members 
BPSDTech.APP Technology help app 
BPSDTech.COM Technology help for students and parents 
BPSDTech.ORG Technology help for staff members 
BPSHelpdesk.ORG Technology tickets when OFF-CAMPUS 
BPSHoover.ORG Hoover Elementary School 
BPSJP.ORG Jane Phillips Elementary School 
BPSKane.ORG Richard Kane Elementary School 
BPSLogin.ORG Login to our web filter 
BPSMadison.ORG Madison Middle School 
BPSNews.ORG District News 
BPSPresents.ORG BPS Presentations 
BPSRemind.COM Parent and student help with Remind messaging service 
BPSRemind.ORG Staff help with Remind messaging service 
BPSRH.ORG Ranch Heights Elementary School 
BPSSpam.ORG or BPSSpam.COM Information on the district's spam filter 
BPSStatus.COM Status of various online services 
BPSStatus.ORG Status of various online services 
BPSTechTeam.COM Student Technology Support Team 
BPSTLE.ORG BPS information on TLE appraisals 
BPSTraining.ORG District Training / Professional Development Links 
BPSVolunteers.ORG or BPSVolunteer.ORG Volunteers & Family Support 
BPSWayside.ORG Wayside Elementary School 
BPSWifi.COM or BPSWifi.ORG WiFi instructions 
BPSWilson.ORG Woodrow Wilson Elementary School 
BruinBaseball.ORG Bruin Baseball 
BruinBrigade.ORG Bruin Band Program 
BruinVolleyball.ORG https://sites.google.com/bps-ok.org/bruinvolleyball/home 
KungFuCanvas.ORG Online course on Canvas LMS 
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