Confirming students' Canvas submissions


How a student confirms a file was submitted to Canvas

Canvas support:
To confirm they have submitted a file for assignments set to accept uploads, students would:
  1. Open the course in Canvas.
  2. Click on Assignments in the left course navigation.
    Open Assignments
  3. Locate the title of the assignment and click on it.
    Open the assignment
  4. They should see a confirmation of the submission. Successful submissions display a link to download the document. Unsuccessful submissions display an Upload Failed icon. Submissions that are queued for upload display an Uploading icon.
    Submission Status
Also, any files they submitted should appear in their personal unified folder in Canvas.

Students can also see the status of an assignment submission on the Grades view in Canvas. (Presuming you have NOT disabled Grades in the course navigation.) The score column displays a submission icon for a successful upload, an Upload Failed icon for failed uploads, and an Uploading icon for queued submissions.

Grades view

How students confirm files were submitted to Turnitin

When they submit a file via Turnitin, they should see the following once their submission is completed:
Turnitin Completion

If they re-open the assignment in Canvas, they should see something like this:
Turnitin submissions

File icon
They can click on the file icon to download a copy of their digital receipt in PDF format. It includes:
  • Student's name
  • Assignment title
  • Submission title
  • File name and file size
  • Page, word, and character count
  • Submission date
  • Submission ID


Submission icons in the Canvas Gradebook

Instructors can view the status of a student’s assignment submission in the Canvas Gradebook. The score column displays a submission icon for successful uploads, an Upload Failed icon for failed uploads, and an Uploading icon for queued submissions.

Gradebook view

Upload Failed icons also display in Gradebook Comments:
Failed upload

Submission status in DocViewer & SpeedGrader

The DocViewer window displays an Upload Failed image for unsupported file types and failed submission uploads. Additionally, SpeedGrader displays an Upload Failed icon for failed submission uploads.
Failed upload

DocViewer displays an Uploading image for queued submissions, and SpeedGrader displays an Uploading icon next to assignment upload name links.
Queued Upload