Kung Fu Canvas for 6-12 Teachers (KUNGFUCANVAS.ORG)

posted Jan 14, 2017, 9:33 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Mar 20, 2019, 5:17 PM ]
Kung Fu Canvas
Granger Meador runs the 
Kung Fu Canvas for Bruins online training course for Bartlesville's teachers, administrators, and counselors in grades 6-12. This course, given in Canvas itself, will help you learn how to use Canvas with your students.

    • Equipment incentives are now available when you complete each of the first three belts or the final belt.
    • Belts earned after 5/24/2018 can be banked for use to compensate for any school closures in the 2018-19 academic year.

What is Canvas?

The Canvas Learning Management System is how you will harness the power of Chromebooks your students will use at school and at home. 

Each class in PowerSchool already has a matching Canvas course in which instructors can post a course calendar and assignments. Your students can also complete and submit digital assignments and assessments, have class discussions, and more. 

What is Kung Fu Canvas?

It’s a participation-based Canvas course with training videos and instructions to help you learn how to use Canvas with your classes. The course has six belts you can earn; for completing each of the first three belts and the final belt, you will earn an instructional tool you can use at school and/or at home.* 

Each belt takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, and confirmed completion of each belt earns you two staff development points. You can start and stop anytime, with any computer’s web browser, to fit your schedule.

Yellow Belt
  • Account setup 
  • Basic features

Bluetooth Mouse
+2 inservice points
Orange Belt
  • Content pages
  • Assignments
  • Gradebook
    Extra charger
+2 inservice points
Blue Belt
  • Discussions
  • Quizzes
  Headset with microphone
+2 inservice points
    Green Belt
    • Course organization
    • SpeedGrader
    2 inservice points
    Brown Belt
    • Outcomes
    • Rubrics
    • Quiz banks
    2 inservice points
      Black Belt
      • Course analytics
      • Imports
      • Apps
        Intuos Draw Digitizer Tablet
      +2 inservice points

      • Equipment will be checked out to each teacher upon request after completion of each belt. A teacher who is not interested in an item need not request it.
      • State law requires that all bond-funded equipment be returned if teacher leaves district employment.
      • Staff members who are confirmed belt owners will earn two inservice points per belt, as updated periodically by Granger Meador in Frontline Professional Growth.


      If you are a classroom teacher or counselor for grades 6-12, send Granger Meador an email to tell him you're ready. He'll enroll you in the course and you'll receive, in your district email account, an invitation to join it.

      The presentation at the bottom of this webpage will you get oriented.

      How do I login to Canvas?

      You can use any web browser on a desktop or laptop computer to login to Canvas. There you can take the Kung Fu Canvas course, once you are enrolled, as well as manage your own Canvas courses as their instructor. There are Canvas apps for mobile devices, but some Kung Fu Canvas videos may not display in them; feel to try, though. You can't break anything.

      Navigate to bartlesville.instructure.com and enter your usual district network login username and password. Click on Courses, then Kung Fu Canvas (or All Courses before that if needed) to open the course and begin.

      How does the course work?

      As you begin the course, just follow the prompts as you read each page. They will lead you through it. You'll be prompted to view several videos for each belt. Sometimes you'll need to contribute to an online discussion. In some belts there is one digital assignment you'll do, submitting a screenshot of your work for Granger to grade. Don't worry, they're all just completion grades. We're trying to get your toes wet, not make you swim laps.

      Do you have some course tips?
      • You can start and stop at any time. You can take as long as you need for any lesson, and retake parts of the course if you like. You can even skip around, BUT you must earn the belts in order. (For example, you can't earn an Orange Belt without having already earned a Yellow Belt, and so forth.)
      • To quickly reach where you left off, or browse through other parts of the course, use the Modules link in the course sidebar. Scroll through the lessons and click on where you need to resume.
      • Module entries indicate ones where you must View content and others where you must Contribute to a discussion or Submit an assignment. There are points shown on assignments, but don't worry, it's always just a completion grade.
      • Playback Speed
        Some videos can be sped up (or slowed down) by clicking on the 1.00x control at the lower right of the video window.
      • When you complete an entire module, including creating any practice work, such as simple pages or assignments, and have contributed to any required discussions, you'll be told you've earned the belt for that module and the corresponding Canvas badge.
      • You can see the badges you've earned by visiting your Canvas profile: while logged in, click on Account, then Profile, then My Badges. You'll have to authorize the Canvasbadges app.
      • Once you've earned a badge, to request the device that comes with it, please send Granger an email and tell him which badge you have just earned. He will review your submissions and assist you with any issues. Periodically he'll put in teachers' mailboxes the equipment they've earned. It is then theirs to use at school and at home. Please be patient, as he has plenty to do in the district.
      Since all items were purchased with bond issue funds, they must remain the property of the district. So if you leave district employment, you will need to check them back in. Otherwise, they are yours to keep and to use, even if you change school sites within the district.