Canvas Challenge for Bruins

The Canvas Challenge for Bruins online training is available to teachers in grades 6-12 IF they have earned all six belts in Kung Fu Canvas.
  • This optional training program can be used as a refresher/extender after completing the Kung Fu Canvas trainings. 
  • There are three levels to Canvas Challenge for Bruins. Successful completion of a level, including its post-assessment, will earn a teacher three inservice points. So a total of 9 inservice points are available.
  • Inservice points from this course CAN be "banked" for possible use to make-up staff inclement weather days in the 2018-19 academic year.
  • Completions are tracked on this online spreadsheet.
TO ENROLL, email Zack Michel and tell him whether you teach at Central, Madison, or BHS.
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