LockDown Browser provides secure quiz environment

posted May 1, 2018, 11:35 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated Sep 6, 2018, 12:26 AM ]
LockDown Browser
To provide a more secure environment for taking Canvas quizzes, we have purchased the Respondus LockDown Browser.

When a Canvas quiz is set to use the LockDown Browser, students must reboot their Chromebooks into the secure LockDown Browser app to take the quiz, which locks them out of other areas of the internet. The advantage over our homegrown Bartlesville Canvas App is that a student can only take a quiz in the LockDown Browser when that setting is invoked. (The Bartlesville Canvas App locks them out of the rest of the internet, but cannot require a student to be in it to take a particular quiz.)

To set up the LockDown Browser to secure quizzes taken by students on district Chromebooks:
  1. Create a quiz in Canvas as you normally would do.
  2. Click the LockDown Browser link in the left sidebar navigation of the course.
  3. You can access various welcome screens, video tutorials, and more. But to get going, just click the Continue to LockDown Browser > button at the lower right.
  4. Click the down icon beside the quiz you created and want to LockDown.
  5. Select Modify Settings.
  6. Click the option Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.
    1. You are urged to include an access code for the quiz students are given after they have all rebooted into the LockDown Browser. You can also still do this in the regular quiz settings, and you can change this for each period and after the last period of the day for improved security.
    2. By default, students will need to use the LockDown Browser to view quiz feedback and results. We recommend you leave that on for better security.
    3. You can optionally click Advanced Settings for additional options. HOWEVER, the “Enable Calculator on the toolbar” does NOT work on a Chromebook.
  7. Click the Save and Close button.


  1. The student will need to reboot their Chromebook, usually by pressing REFRESH+POWER.
  2. Instead of entering their email address as they usually do, they would click on Apps at the bottom left of the initial login screen.
  3. They would click LockDown Browser on the pop-up Apps menu.
  4. If this is their first time to use the app, they will be asked for the name of their institution. They should type Bartlesville and then select Bartlesville Public Schools from the screen. They won’t have to do this step in the future.
  5. They will now be in the LockDown Browser, viewing the usual Canvas login screen. They should enter their Canvas username (not email address) and password.
  6. They should open your course in Canvas.
  7. They should click on Quizzes in the left sidebar navigation or use another link to access the appropriate quiz.
  8. They should take the quiz and will be unable to exit Canvas to visit other websites.
  9. When finished with the quiz, they should Submit it.
  10. They will still be stuck in Canvas until they reboot their Chromebook.
There is a version of the LockDown Browser which can be loaded onto lab desktop computers upon request.