Unauthorized message in Canvas

A student already in a Canvas course gets an Unauthorized popup message

Unauthorized message
This is related to some course content a teacher has not made available to students, a bad web link, or other unavailable items.
  • Locked items
    • Invalid date range
      • Teachers can set the date and time range something is available.  Students will see the Unauthorized message if they try to access the material outside the allowed range. Students can try to verify if this is the issue by:
        1. In the course navigation, click the Assignments link.
        2. If an assignment says Closed or Not available until [date] then it is outside the allowed range. Students will only be able to view a rubric (if any) and the assignment details.
      • If the available date range appears to be in error, students should contact the teacher.
    • Incomplete pre-requisites
      • Teachers can lock course modules such that certain assignments, etc. are only available after earlier ones are viewed, marked as done, submitted, or received a minimum score.
      • Students should contact the teacher if they are locked out of a module and do not know why or believe it is in error.
  • Invalid links
    • An invalid web link might also cause this error. If students click on a link to a file, website, video, etc. and get the unauthorized error, the link may be outdated, the linked content may not be shared such that students can view it, etc.
    • Students and staff who encounter unexpected errors accessing online material should make sure they are actually logged into the web filter:
      1. On a Chromebook, open the BPSD bookmark group and click Web filter to go to www.lsaccess.me/login and if it cannot identify you or shows the wrong account, enter your district username and password. Then try the link again.
      2. On other devices, go to www.lsaccess.me/login and if it cannot identify you or shows the wrong account, enter your district username and password. Then try the link again.
  • Browser fixes
    • If the problem is NOT due a locked assignment or invalid web link, it could be an extension that has been added to Chrome or something in the browser cookies that is creating an issue.  You can try this fix:
      1. Open the Chrome web browser.
      2. At the top right, click More  and then Settings.
      3. At the bottom, click Advanced.
      4. Under Reset Settings, click Reset Settings and then Reset or Reset Settings.

Problems logging into Canvas

  • Your Username and Password are the same ones you use to login to PowerSchool or to a district computer. 
    • Your Username for Canvas is NOT your entire email address; just use the portion BEFORE “@stu.bps-ok.org” for students or "@bps-ok.org" for staff.
    • If students do not know their username or password, they can check the printed schedule you received or ask a teacher or librarian to look that up for them using the “Demographics” screen in PowerTeacher. 
      • TEACHERS: In the regular PowerTeacher screen, click the Backpack icon for a class, then select a student in the left sidebar, and finally switch the information view to Demographics. The username and password should appear below their name in the report.
    • See the box at the bottom of this page if you use the Forgot password? link on the Canvas login screen.
If your Username and Password are entered correctly, but you still cannot login:

  1. On a Chromebook, hit REFRESH+POWER to reboot the device to see if that helps.
  2. Still not working? Verify that cookies, including 3rd-party cookies, are not being blocked. 
    • On a Chromebook:
      1. Click the icon at the bottom left of the screen to bring up the control panel.
      2. Click the Gear icon ⚙ for settings and proceed to step 3 below.
    • In the Google Chrome browser on other devices:
      1. Click the ⋮ or ! icon at the top right to open the menu.
      2. Select Settings and proceed to step 3 below.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the settings screen and click Advanced.
  4. Scroll down to the Privacy and security section and click on Content Settings.
  5. Click on Cookies.
  6. Make sure the top option is on so that it reads Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended).
  7. Make sure that Block third-party cookies is NOT enabled. 
  8. Click the X at the top right of the settings window to close it.
  9. If that still doesn't help, it could be an extension that has been added to Chrome that is creating an issue. Try resetting the browser:
    • Open the Chrome web browser.
    • At the top right, click More and then Settings.
    • At the bottom, click Advanced.
    • Under Reset Settings, click Reset Settings and then Reset or Reset Settings.
If none of these fixes help, at BHS go to room 132 and at either middle school go to the library to ask someone to attempt to reset your Chrome browser and/or Chromebook.

Forgot password? in Canvas

Anyone can also use the Forgot password? Link on the Canvas login screen to generate a password change email to their email address if it is associated with their account in Canvas. However, please note that if you use that method to “change” your password, that will only affect the password to Canvas associated with your FULL email address as the username. So to use the “new” password, you will have to use your entire email address as the username. That new login should NOT affect the normal student login method of using the PowerSchool username and password.