Video capture and editing

Recommended software for capturing and editing video that is simple and easy to use.
Chromebook Video Capture & Editing
  • Loom
    • Educators get Loom Pro for free
  • WeVideo
    • Powerful online video editing; all district teachers and all secondary school students can login using their Google account
  • Screencastify
    • It works well and isn't blocked by the district web filter. The free version has a 10-minute limit, watermarks the video with a logo, and doesn't offer basic trimming or editing. But it works!
    • If you like it but need more features, you can pay $24/year for:
      • No time limit
      • Unlimited videos
      • No watermark
      • Crop and trim recording
      • Export as .mp4 video file or GIF file

Uploading to YouTube