How do I store a Chromebook/charging cart for the summer?

posted May 17, 2019, 8:13 AM by Granger Meador   [ updated May 17, 2019, 8:16 AM ]
If you leave a Chromebook plugged into a charger for weeks (including leaving it in a charging cart over the summer) the steady “trickle charge” will shorten its battery life.

HOWEVER, if you don’t fully power down a Chromebook and don’t charge it, it can discharge to 0% and be difficult to impossible to power back up when school resumes.
Every Chromebook in a charging cart or which won’t be used over a long break must be FULLY powered down, not just closed to be in sleep or standby mode, before the break.

Quick Way to Fully Power Down a Chromebook

  1. Open the Chromebook, power it up, and check that it is fully charged.
  2. Press and hold the POWER button on the Chromebook until the Chromebook completely shuts off.Dell Power Button
    • Dell Chromebook power buttons are at the top left of the keyboard.
    • Lenovo Chromebook power buttons are on the side of the Chromebook at the upper right edge of the keyboard unit.
  3. If using a cart, you can return the Chromebook to it.
Remember, all charging carts must be UNPLUGGED from the wall for the break.

Optional Battery Cut-off mode for Dell Chromebooks

  1. Connect the Chromebook to the charger, plug it into the wall, and turn on the Chromebook.

  2. With the charger still connected to the Chromebook, start rebooting the device by holding REFRESH+POWER + at the same time for at least 3 seconds.

  3. While holding those keys down, remove the power cord from the Chromebook, and then release the keys. The Chromebook should shut down and remain off.

  4. Attempt to power the unit on using the power button.

  5. If the unit does not power on, you have completed the steps and can safely store the device, but do NOT reconnect it to the charger until you are ready to revive it.

  6. If the unit powers on, you should repeat steps 2 to 5.

TO REVIVE A DELL CHROMEBOOK FROM BATTERY CUT-OFF MODE, plug it back into the charger and plug the charger into the wall.